Threads for capturing community knowledge

Hi moderators…

Should we encourage users, who are interested, to start and maintain specific threads to capture and collate knowledge of specifics of a technology?

For example I started this thread for CAN bus

Idea is the first post is updated as other members share in the thread and maybe at a later date that first post spins off into an article about the topic…

Any thoughts?


Never enough good knowledge.


‎ Yay

Seems like you and I think alike, Suggest thread ideas

And I really like the idea that an article comes out of it after the problem at hand has been discussed and vetted.

yeah collaborative borg collective leads to existential cave man crisis…

but yeah for real… time to pull the socks up on how we go about things and work collaboratively… there’s so much cool stuff out there and on the bounce side of the great forum exodus we need to lift our game…

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