Suggest thread ideas

There are probably a lot of valuable information in our brains have not been put down in any thread. So I hope we use this thread to suggest threads that haven’t been done. It could be a suggestion for others or maybe you want to make one yourself. Either is welcome.

DieBieMS Setup.
Longboard decks construction
How to make glass fiber enclosures


Would love a detailed DieBieMS thread, got 2 of them to use and a walk through would be awesome.

I am in the first stages of making my first fibreglass enclosure so I will document and make a thread when I am done :+1:


I can definitely make the DieBieMS thread. I am using it on on of my boards. It would be awesome if the creator for DieBieMS makes the thread here, but I don’t think he’s on this forum.


I’ve been begging Jeff from enertion to make a basic input output tool where you say what motors, battery, bms, etc and it gives you the recommended vesc/unity settings.

Dozens of threads open up every time a unity batch gets released pertaining to “help me configure my unity”

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I second the DieBieMS thread… we can peice it together from all the forums posts on the other forum…

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We should probably merge my thread and your @mishrasubhransu

Fibreglass thread is started… need more experience to finish it :rofl:

A thread explaining what “10S2P” means for example, and why you shouldn’t take manufacturer cell ratings at face value, and why a >1S battery needs balancing, the difference between a battery and a cell, and the effect of hot/cold on charge/discharge and the effect of high current draw versus low current draw in relation to battery lifetime and longevity. Longevity/temperature/weight/capacity differences between li-ion and li-iron.

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He’d need to include that in the next batch of 500 tools released, they can’t just release one tool at a time.


@b264 some sort of dummies guide to water resisting and proofing :wink:

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@sk8l8r Yeah people have been asking for that, I just haven’t had time to do a full writeup on that yet

:expressionless: I know, I know

The gist is that you put not-water every place where water can mess stuff up (typically acrylic conformal coating) and for other things like USB jacks which can’t be coated lest they become non-functional, I use gravity in such a way that a trapped air bubble would keep water out of that part

@sk8l8r like this. The red part is the not-waterproof USB port. Everything else has been waterproofed. No matter which way you turn this, it’s not underwater if there’s some water inside. And it’s hopefully away from the water far enough that the vibrations that are atomizing the water and sending it flying everywhere, don’t make it up that high.

I’ve actually had an esk8 completely submerged briefly on two occasions (by accident) with this kind of innards and both survived. I would not do it again to test it out though. One was in a huge puddle I didn’t see during a pouring thunderstorm. The other time I was next to the river and the wake from a passing boat got me. Like over top of the esk8.


Guys please post ideas so someone with relevant knowledge can start the thread.

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