Thermal Throttle

Current build is really fun except for the fact that the vesc gets too hot after around 10 mins and severely throttles the board…
-TB Vesc x1
-TB 6355 x1
-10s4p 30q
Vesc settings are motor 50/-50 Batt 20/-20
can i change my settings so it doesnt throttle?
or do i need to go dual motor and vesc so it splits the load and runs cooler?..thanks

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Single drive, lots of stress on the parts. How much do you weigh? Also why only 20 batt amps? Your battery could safely give you 60 or 80 continues

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i weigh 180… went with those battery amps due to recommendation on forum, will increasing battery amps make it run cooler?

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Bot sure how that exactly works, increasing battery amps should give you many more ooooooompf! Also single 6355, will heat up fast, highly recomend going for a dual set up

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No, more battery amps will make it run hotter. Your bottleneck is the TB VESC. You either need a different one or get some DIY cooling involved. I think dual drive could help but you definitely aren’t maxing out the battery nor the motor…

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it feels fast enough for me now i hit about 25 uphill and 30 downhill…plenty fast just that the board throttles after riding 10 minutes or so

was hoping single motor would be good enough for now but i can see why splitting the load between 2 vescs increases thermal load and performance…damn my wallet is going to hate me

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Ah, yes, if you buy two and split the 20/-20 to 10/-10 is would run cooler. IMHO I would try strapping some metal and thermal pads to it. If that isn’t your style, just get a better VESC and sell the TB one for something that is more capable.


do u have a recommended dual vesc? i see alot of options not sure what to get budget is like 150-200

I personally use a Focbox Unity but those are no longer available nor would they be in your price range… If I was going to buy another dual esc I would probably go with something from MakerX. I’ve heard some good things about them.

Just so you understand, you don’t have to go dual to get rid of thermal throttle. If you got a single like this your heat issues would probably disappear.

Nothing is good for that money unless you get lucky with used stuff. Bump it to 250-300 and get a Unity.
DO NOT BUY FLIPSKY :crazy_face:

How do I buy something that gets scalped instantly on the forum and isn’t made anymore

Why not @tipsy?? If his budget is lower than 150 dols, why not try Flipsky Vesc?

Because when it (very likely) blows up, he’ll have no money and no ESC.

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Increasing your available power (either by upgrading to a beefier singe vesc, or going dual) won’t increase your top speed. It will, however, increase your acceleration, and the power handling capability to prevent overheating/thermal throttling.

iirc the gofoc v6 cost about 140, it should do the job