The White Cat - I'm back build - LY Evo 40' / Exway hubs / p45b


Hello beautiful people,
I’ve been away from esk8 for a while after my late board’s battery passed away.
After almost a year I decided I could not stand watching this dead skate laying arround and I tryed selling it.
Well, instead of selling it, I traded it for moArrr parts, the demon got me again, and here I am working on two new builds, an MTB that I will take slowly as I’m a bit broke at the moment, and a street board that I’m putting up mostly out of parts I already have laying arround.
This topic is about the second one, I have some weird ideas and I’ll try to make it differently.

For once I’ll try to make a real build thread with steps and regular updates instead of waiting to finish the board and then never actualy write it because I’m lazy.


What I want is a board that wont be heavy to carry, while giving me medium range and a reasonable top speed.
I tryed to build two short lightweigt boards already and I didn’t like them, so I want it to be light but with the longest deck possible and as low on ground as it is possible.

Also I want this build to justify all of the tools and machines I compulsively hoarded in the last years: mostly my lasercut and maybe it will motivate me to get my 3D printer back on working order.


(all of that I already have:)
deck : restorated evo 40’
drivetrain : exway hubs
sismic aeons trucks and exway 85mm thanes
2x makerx mini foc
infinity logger
remote : fs vx2
(that is on it’s way:)
12s1p p45b battery (Will I be the first one one the forum with a p45b pack ? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Doubts and weird ideas

I want this build to be low on ground and as easy to service as possible so I envisage to top mount the bat and electronics,

I’m planning to make a low profile enclosure just the height of a 21700 bat + esc : 31mm+ as few mm as needed for the enclosure itself, and to have it on the middle of the board,

I’m thinking about laser cutting a structure in plywood and cover it with some lightweight metal sheet I have around.
It would be perfect to have it oppen on the side and the electronics slind inside. This way I can griptape it on the top alongside the rest of the board and use it like it was part of the shape of the deck.
(I need to make a sketch of that, my description isn’t realy clear)

question 1 : How do I route the motor leads from the middle of the board to the motors without adding weigth and complexity ?

question 2 : I mounted the trucks on the deck to try it, and the standing platform is a good 4-5cm higher than the one of my dropcat, maybe I can cut the deck to make it drop-through ? How sketchy and dangerous would that be ?

Step 1 : restoring the deck

I got this Evo 40’ spectrum deck from @havenever
it’s in a realtively good shape but has a few holes and bumps.
I need too :

  1. Removing the grip tape and glued gasket
  2. fill and sand the bumps and the holes I wont be using,
  3. paint the board white and make some minimalist graphics on it: I can use the underside as I won’t bolt an enclosure under it.

questions: The deck come from LY painted black, do I need to sand it clean before I can paint on it again ?
Can I clean the glue with acetone or would this andanger the deck by attacking the glue between the plys ?


I’m curious where you found P45B’s. :thinking:
Just getting the four I have for testing was tough.


Oh man I feel personally attacked, as I am also too lazy to write up my last build lol (then why did I take all those photos :thinking:)

Cut holes through the deck then route them underneath?

I’ve thought about doing this with my Vanguard, it would seem fine to me as long as it’s braced with some anti sink plates…? The hole doesn’t need to be that big either… I haven’t done it yet, but if you do, do it. Then I can learn from you lol

Do you need to sand it clean, technically no, but it will likely look better if you do. At least to smooth it out.

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he probably raided molicel’s warehouse


I haven’t got them yet, but I got a quote from vapcell technology, and the lady said they are supposed to arrive in stock by the end of the month.

I’ve seen one of your post on Facebook saying they were legit molicel resellers if I’m not mistaken

don’t worry I have at least three build I should have written about xD

I thought about that but I’m a bit scared about them getting cut by street bumps

If I had I would have stoped by to say hello


Oooh! :smiley:

I love it! I actually had a similar idea a while back. Can’t find the picture, but I was envisioning a drop-down deck with a raised middle for housing all the electronics :smiley: Griptape overtop of course, make it look like a normal part of the deck.

This is going to be sweet! Can’t wait to see your progress :slight_smile:

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Deck degripped and cleaned !


I hope that’s true but they’ve been saying they’ll get them soon for months now. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s an old post. Things can change and I do not know their status now. That’s all I can say. Do not assume that I am saying they are not “authorized” or “legit”! Those terms have multiple meanings. I just do not know who they are buying from now.


YES. Please don’t just paint over the old paint or else I’ll die inside a little bit. If you don’t have an orbital sander you can get an attachment for drills that will turn your drill into a sander instead. The efficiency of which depends on your drill.

Sorry about all the holes :sweat_smile:

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insert random puppy eyes pictures
I don’t want to…
cryes a lot

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Actually I need to thank you, I have no idea how you managed to screw and unscrew the sex bolts without removing the griptape, but if you had used epoxyed inserts it would have been a pain to remove them xD

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Dude, no idea how it worked either. I was dreading having to take the grip off to get my enclosure off. Decided to just try turning the screws, and almost all of them worked! I think the adhesive from the grip was holding them in place.

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Filling underway, took me a good quarter of the board to get the gnak of it, I guess I will have a fair amount of sanding to do whatsoever

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While I’m waiting for it to dry, let me find out some nice graphics



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