[the trix] | 2WD | trampa holypro | unity | sk3 6374 | GT2E | 12s6p p42a | belt 15-72 | neptune 15

so, some looong time age I bought a [possibly] used trampa deck.

I was so stoked, my first trampa!

so naturally I just threw it into the corner, and that I’ll build it later when I have some time. that was in late april of this year.

back to few months ago, I build my timetrap. the name was chosen in such a way that I knew I’ll pour so much time into that build, and it was never completed, newer properly used, mainly because the battery was kinda shitty, two parallel groups in the 12s6p 30q died. I got my hands on 12 new cells, so I knew I’ll be able to repair it, but first, I need something to ride on.

so I went to grab the trampa.

I wanted something waterproof, something more reliable that can ride in full rain, be covered in mud, and could be cleaned with a hose (or shower). I’m cleaning my boosted board time-to-time like that, and it is such an ease, to wash it simply with a stream of water. so no custom laminated enclosure this time, but an electrical box.

so, I bought two, just to be sure I have a solution for crying and wasting another week if I fuck something up.

so, seems I can fit 12s6p of p42a molicells I have around, so why not use them! some silicone confectionery and the basic shape was given

when the silicone was drying, I turned my attention towards the bindings, which I could not stand to be this narrow while offering a few millimeters on each side of unused space which I could benefit.

so, some cutting and drilling time

by doing this, I got over a centimeter on each side. not much, but still better than a slap in the face with a wet fish :smiley: (CZ: lepší než drátem do oka)

after a few days (probably weeks) I got to work on the enclosure. I thought of some mechanical fitting, probably 3dprint clamping MT60 and xt60. I’m going for an HFI sensorless over sensored for two reasons:

  1. fewer connectors, less complexity, less fckin cables everywhere, more waterproofness
  2. there were already sk3s installed on the trampa and I was soooo lazy to change them

so, epoxy was chosen to do the charm. I was thinking about xt60 male or female for the charing, but aesthetics was chosen in favor of the “Prague DIY charger connector ecosystem”. and a female-female xt60 is also easy to make.


  1. drill holes
  2. spend an hour filing the case for somewhat correct holes
  3. add screws so that the epoxy has something to grip on
  4. solder all the connectors
  5. seal the space between the connector and the enclosure on the outside with hot glue
  6. make a cardboard wall with tape on the inside to make it sort off waterproof
  7. pour.

youtube video of pouring: https://youtu.be/XQXFXrT42NQ

aaaand I fucked up, exactly as I predicted.

epoxy everywhere. well, we learn from the mistakes. I forgot to seal the xt60 on the inside, in the male, there is fckin huge hole.

exactly for this, there is the second case. so, once again, all the previous steps, this time including sealing of the xt60. (well, a few weeks after the failed pour, I had to buy new epoxy because the previous one was the last I had)

after some cleaning, looks rather clean!

some padding on the inside, first test fits with the Neptune and old unity to figure out if I can fit the 3dservicas heatsink in

now the battery process, this is in detail described here in battery build club post

pop that bad boy in, program the unity, do all the cable management magic, remove the heatsink because I put too much padding in the front, solder the motor cables, FOC setup, reinstall the neptune 15 app, find out the meter is not dead, be happy, close the lid, connect everything again, apply the sticker and voila!

and the next day, I already had to wash the wheels. nicely fits the bathtub!

now, the reasoning for the design and the name. I want to figure out some solution to hold the battery for from the outside so that it is easily replaceable so that I can throw it on some lowriding street setup if I need an extensive range. or any other board. this will be the trampa with other options to mix things up. a trampa mix. a trix.

I’m looking forward to testing the range properly, and to take it in some dirtier terrain to have some colorful autumn riding. I tried the streets of Prague today, it was so great to ride a new board after almost a year


That connection is super clean dude. Nicely done!


I also love the epoxy potting of the connections.