The problem is that the power supply does not respond.

Hello, I have a question, I have a tramp board and I have a problem: I have a PCB box 21700 and I have a problem with the fact that I cannot turn off the skateboard with the power button, I have 2 x VESC 6 mkV, 100% work, they light up in blue, but the button does not respond, the button is also turned off 100% functional, the cube itself and the cables that go to the PCB are probably also functional since the button is functional, I am wondering about the faulty COMM cable, but I don’t know if it is faulty. I have the VESC TOOL application, when I set engines etc. the transmission goes to the PCB via Bluetooth and then goes further via COMM or CAN-BUS? Have you had such a problem??

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Wiring trampa power switch

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I don’t really understand this photo, below I’ll give you a photo of what it looks like now, but when I use the VESC TOOL application, the timer setting doesn’t work either, I recently set it to 1 minute and nothing went out. If the cables are actually damaged from the switch, it may be that the signal does not want to go to the switch because the connector cables are damaged?

Have you reached out to Trampa yet? The normal failure mode for such switches is to be “always on” but I wouldn’t be so quick to think it failed yet. I would first suspect a wiring problem.

Generally, I wrote to Trampy and they sent me something about the cables, but I know that they definitely sent Canbus, but it’s probably not its fault and generally I’m considering a comm cable or cables with a blue cube, but the button itself is 100% ok, the cube is, I don’t know but I unplugged it today but I didn’t find any damage to the cable, as for the comm cable, it looks OK at first glance, but I don’t know, maybe something got unsoldered when soldering the additional cable, just a question, what would it be if the 1st cable was faulty, what goes to the second vesc, the whole cable won’t work theoretically, even 1 main vesc should work? A friend also advised me to lay the cables properly, but I’m really trying and it happened before that everything was fine, but these cables are so sensitive that gently pushing the cables caused the skateboard to light up immediately. What cables do you advise me to pay attention to >???

The button itself is OK because I compared the behavior of the original switch button to a new button in a local store and it behaved the same way and was measured with a measuring tape. Can the blue cube and connector cables be faulty if the switch itself is functional or is it unlikely that this part of the cables is faulty?

Need more better pictures of what you’re doing, my English is only just good enough to understand part of what you’re trying to say.

And keep each question separate paragraphs please to make it easier for me to understand?

Vesc talk to each other over can - 4wire cable (5v,canh,canl,gnd). This goes between two or more vesc.

The battery/antispark probably uses the comm to tell the vesc to turn on - uart connection on the vesc should connect to comm. without more pictures I can’t tell you more

Blue cube - does that mean the button connector? This is a very simple device but could be reversed possibly? It should have three wires (v+, switch, ground) can you test with a multimeter or show good pictures of it and the connection to the vesc?

Also, why are there loose cells in that case? Is that a Trampa battery? Are all the cells positioned correctly?

In vesc tool when you adjust the settings, do you write to app or write to motor settings when changing

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1: I’m writing with a translator but I know Polish well
2: You say that they talk to each other using a 4-wire cable, which is the COMM or CAN-BUS cable? Can bus is ok, I don’t know about comm because generally I have PCB 21700.
3: What photos do you want exactly?
4: As for the blue cube and the cable with a 4-pin end, it’s probably good since the button itself works, right, because the button is checked.
5: the batteries are OK, twisted together, no play 6: As for the application, I have a vesc tool, I’m doing a scan and it detects 2 engines and a bms when I set the current, it is in the engine settings, but I also have it set in the application for the box to turn off after 30 minutes, but it does not respond, and when I go to the BMS settings in the same section and set it to 30 minutes, the application does not respond at all, confirmation, when I was in the engines and in the application the confirmation worked but in BMS it didn’t, it is at the bottom in BMS when I am in the limited mode message but I looked at various videos and people also had this inscription so it’s probably not BMS… I will add that these wires are so sensitive that before I noticed it it happened that I couldn’t turn it off, so when I was laying the cables, the board was turned off and when I touched the wires a little, the board would light up and this often happened. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Are you from Poland, UK??

I see! Good then it will make communicating easier if we keep things simple and direct.

COMM cable will have tx/rx. It can have 4 or more wires depending on its purpose. It is also called UART on VESC. Generally VESC will use it to talk with other devices or to receive input but not to talk to other VESC. The BMS should talk to VESC with a CAN-BUS for the app to connect to it i think. The BMS may have a separate Bluetooth connection - can you connect directly to the BMS to adjust settings? Photos please: pcb21700 COMM port, the cable, it’s connection method to VESC, The BMS

This is not normal behavior, the cable should not react to handling and should not be sensitive to touching it. It must be damaged or broken. If the cable is broken it possibly prevent communication between VESC and BMS. Also could prevent VESC or BMS from going to sleep after 30min. Please take pictures showing this cable, the connected ends, and inspect it closely for damage.

I’m from the Pacific Northwest in the US

VESC tool is not always stable, often settings need to be repeatedly changed or can be set accidentally. One method to help this is to always READ settings first - make adjustments and WRITE - then READ again to confirm they are changed. It is also helpful to use a direct connection with USB cable and use the pc application. It is sometimes useful to completely power off everything and restart the application if it is acting strangely. It will test your patience :grin:

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Ok, I’ll take some photos and post them soon. Basically, it’s like this: the upper 21700 PCB goes to a 4-pin connector, a blue cube with a switch in it, and then right in front of it there is a 5-pin port from which the comm cable goes to the vesc, but in this 5-pin port there is a 5-pin port next to it. bluetooth module/antenna and from this 5-pin port there are 5 cables that are plugged into the 8-pin comm port, from the power switch cable there is an additional cable with an 8-pin plug soldered and it is plugged into the second vesc and when the plug is plugged in, this cable is plugged into the pin power switch, take a look at the soldering connection. And tell me, it may turn out that 5 of the 5 cables are damaged, only the one that is the power switch and has a soldered cable, because honestly, I have been having this happen for some time, when I tried to arrange the cables and the box was turned off, and gently press all the cables so that the box closes easily and the electronics react and the skateboard turns on, and previously everything worked fine, but recently I have a problem with the skateboard being turned on all the time, for now I have disconnected the canbus and comm cables, and tell me, because I have 2 types of canbus cables. silicone, but it is quite flexible, but this comm is somehow stiffer. If I were to make a new cable, could it be silicone? Or does it have to be the same material as I have now, but to be honest, maybe if it were silicone, it would fit better. Below you have some photos of cables and PCBs, but the photo is from half a year ago so you can see how it is connected.
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When uploading photos you must pause and check to see if they have completed the upload. These photos didn’t load :disappointed:

I like the silicone wire and use it as much as possible with good results. It seems like this is probably your issue, replacing it with a new silicone is a good idea

I sent you photos privately, I still have an old but functional Canbus cable, and if I were to disconnect the entire cable from the Canbus connector, because it is also soldered there, only the cable is silicone, I would disconnect the entire cable soldered from comm and replace it with the one from Canbus, theoretically they are both the same thickness, or is it better not to risk it and make a whole new one comm.

Check the solder joints before you replace it, solder joints subjected to vibration can break at the solder or at the wire where the solder has wicked into the wire under the insulation. Check to make sure this is the issue

Hello, I have 1 question because I don’t have a new comm cable for now and I have 1 spare canbus cable which is soldered to 1 cable, the other one is the same as in comm, but in comm I have 24awb wires and in canbus also the same 24awb but in comm there are stiffer wires and in soft canbus, they are probably silicone, but the canbus cable works 100%, so I was thinking about unplugging the entire cable, the one with soldering, and replacing it with the one with canbus. Do you think it is possible to connect soft cables with harder ones? And do you think that the blue connector and the 4-pin plug cables may also be defective or rather comm. Because, as I mentioned, the switch itself works 100%, so the cube and the rest may be ok?

What type of wire shouldn’t matter for these connections. Still not 100% sure on the issues without pictures and the trampa website is not helpful.

Finding the cable that is causing the board to turn on is the biggest hurdle. You need to find that and repeat the problem to solve it.

Generally speaking, theoretically, I received a shipment from Trampy with a new canbus, new switch and cables, but they have a slightly different connection because they have 8-pin terminals, 2 pcs and directly from the vesc button they light up and work but because I don’t have power from the comm mount because then the cable is not there I’m losing the Bluetooth connection, now I’ve gone back to the old cables, I put in the old comm, I replaced the cable and connected it to Canbus, but it could have been 3 cm longer, but I plugged it in, turned the wheels, 2 vescs came on, but after 20 minutes, then 1 went out and the problem started again comes on, so I have to manually spin the wheels and it’s ok and then it goes off again. However, maybe not only this cable is defective, but maybe another one of these comms as well.

That sounds like a vesc settings issue, if it is turning off the timer might be set wrong and just turning it off after it sits idle for a while. Primarily vesc with buttons gets set to time out.

Secondary gets set to always on

Check these settings

I have it set for 30 minutes, now I checked, it detected two vescs and it works fine, now the second vesc has gone out and the main one is on and now when I turn off the main one with the button, the second one will light up, damn I don’t know what’s going on, overall trampa sent me a new cable COMM, CANBUS I have a new cable plugged in today, the only thing that works is that I can turn off the skateboard with the button but the vesc lights are on alternately. Maybe something with the vesc??

Without more pictures of your setup and details it’s impossible to say. Start troubleshooting by isolating things. Without anything more to go on this is turning into a complaint thread instead of a troubleshooting thread. Need lots of photos and videos please

Hello, I have an unusual question for you - you assemble these cables, etc. I received a blue cube from you, a slightly different type than the one I had originally for PCB 21700. This new cube of yours has 2 8-pin connectors for vesc, which works well and correctly, but then there is a comm connector in the PCB. 21700 is not connected, then the bluetooth does not work and I wonder how there are 2 8-pin terminals coming from your new cube, of which 3 JST cables go to the main vesc and they are connected exactly to POWER SWITCH, 5V, GND and whether I would add 2 JST cables to this 8-pin connector but in the TX, RX places and I would connect these 2 JST cables with a 5-pin connector to comm in PCB 21700, will bluetooth work on 2 vesc then? And the second thing is, have you ever had a case like mine, when you turn on the skateboard, two vesc lights come on and after a while one of them goes out and when I turn off the box, the other one comes on, I spin the wheels so that the box lights up, it’s ok and then the same thing again, do you think it’s however, this COMM cable, and earlier, when I had a scan in the vesc tool application and the engines popped up, I had 60mk5 local, 60mk5 33 and now instead of 33 I have 4, what does this mean and why is it so? I will send you photos in private