🚚 The Mother Trucker, Mini AT

This was a pretty quick build, I wanted to get it completed in time to take on vacation. I saw @topcloud’s Mini AT build, showed it to my kid, and it was ON! :slight_smile:

This all started on Thursday, built it today. In fact I had all the electronics laid out thursday night and configured, then discovered that dual FocBox’s wouldnt fit the enclosure and traded out a FlipSky dual from the Red SKull build to make it work.

My kids excited to take it on vacation and rip up some side streets and grass.

On a factual note, this is a perfect commuter board, light and fast and multi-terain.

I haven’t done a build log yet, but its pretty simple…
Fathom deck
@Psychotiller’s heXL split angle trucks
Quick 66 motor mounts
6 shooters
6369 200kv motors
@eBoosted enclosure I got in 2 days from @topcloud (thanks brother :slight_smile:)
Hoyt Puck remote
FlipSky Dual FSESC4.20 Plus
10s4p Samsung 30Q pack with D140 charge only BMS

ll do a build log later, likely when I get back from vacation. In the meantime, if you have questions, drop them on me.

Edit:. I ripped the side out of the enclosure on my Caldera build, I had a ton too much weight on it and then used to many screws…stupid move. I used the trucks, wheels and motors from that build. I’m gonna rebuild it differently using TB110s after I finish the Kaly 2.0 MTB build.


This is a kick ass build!!! How tight was the enclosure fittment with everything in it?

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I’ll put it this way, I knew this girl in high school who wore her shirts buttoned all the way up and skirts ALWAYS below the knee.

It was tighter than that :sweat_smile:.

I should be ashamed…


Holy CRAP :astonished:!!! :joy::rofl::joy:

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What a wicked little build. What battery config did you use?

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It’s a 10s4p 30Q pack, with 18t motor pulleys and 200kv motors it’s pretty fast.


Holy crap. I can’t believe you fit all that in there. (Name Of next sex tape)

Nice build man!


This just looks so good. Don’t know what about this shape and form factor is appealing to the eye, but it just works.


Thanks brudda, I appreciate it :sweat_smile:

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It does. It’s a great shape, a bit longer would be perfect for a lite weight commuter and still be stable, maybe 30in. I’m gonna look at some 9 ply blanks and see what I can do.


Yep, that’s exactly what I mentioned to Karl a few minutes ago.


I get plenty of foot bite with this length. I’m going to ride it drop for a few days, if I cant get comfortable on it and it kids feels the same I’m going to top mount it and put freebord bindings on it.


Thanks brother, I appreciate it. He’s a great kid, deserves whatever I can do for him. Plus, he’s the only one local to skate with :sweat_smile:.


I meant the layout of the 10s not the specification, sorry for the confusion just interested to know what fits in that enclosure

Mate me and the youngest are riding everyday now. Best feeling ever till he comes off and does this to his meepo. :laughing:


Ahh, it’s a regular double stack, cells in 4p groups running side to side.

In the meepo, daaaammmmnnn. That hurts.

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Warranty or deck swap it?

Mate that thing is 2 years old. He did a good job but in his defence it was a cheap deck swap job but he did manage to break the baseplate completely in half length wise. Got speed wobbles down the steep one and bailed, landed on the grass verge, so minor damage but the board went into a tyre. The killer of all things esk8 Car tyres


@topcloud think you need to come back into the fold brother and forgive a grumpy old bastard. :roll_eyes:


in my experience, all my car tyre hits just bounce right back to me

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This is the kid’s board? I suck.

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