The first esk8 remote designed to be held - BKB Voyager 🚨

There has always been one major flaw with electric skateboard remotes; they are not designed to fit in your hand. The Voyager was designed with one thing in mind; create the most comfortable electric skateboard remote ever made. Then, we added a suite of modern features to revolutionize how you interact and control your board.

  • Ergonomic and natural design (its Designed To Ride)

  • 0.95in display

  • Joystick throttle with custom spring force

  • USB C charging

  • 400mAh battery for ~12 hours of battery life

  • PCB and software design by Spintend (reliable, integrates with their ESC)

  • Accessory mounting at the bottom of the remote

  • V4, V6, and custom USB C cable included

  • Over molded TPU throttle for comfort and grip

  • 3 Customizable riding modes (change the acceleration / top speed for each mode)

  • Mileage tracker

  • Throttle Cover, USB Cover, and Fang

    • Fire Red, Royal Blue, Mango Orange, Heather Purple

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Its a new wiimote¡

(get it, it sounds like wiimote and remote because it resembles a Wii Nunchuck)


i want to know more about this part


Honestly, found the remote to feel flimsy and fragile compared to what is available elsewhere

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Is this thing uart? Or ppm?

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Since it is based off of the Uni1 remote and comes in v4 and v6 variant, means UART.


Were you apart of the beta? We took all of the feedback and vastly improved the case for the production units. All the little bugs have been squashed thanks to everyones feedback!

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No. I had access to the boss’s unit at Lacroix

I tried it for about a week and had a constant feeling I was going to break something so went back to Hoyt/OSRR

Ahh okay, this makes sense as you would not have had access to the Beta updates. Shoot me an email to discuss


All good. If you say you improved it, could be a pretty fun option. Is the accessories mounting hole at the bottom reinforced?

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Can you please DM me as I would like to chat a little bit about specifics. Definitely would like to get some more info on your opinions (I can’t DM you)

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That was part of the plan as far as I know, as well as reinforced connections between the two halves of the case and better holding provisions for the lanyard.

I did a video pReview on it, feel free to check it out here!

BKB pReview

Build Kit Boards Voyager Remote: Detailed First Look - YouTube


Well then my concerns have pretty much all been appointed for. What about the flimsy red noodle?


Upgraded to a less-flimsy red noodle, allegedly haha


The UI and controls are exactly the same as the Flipsky VX3 and VX2 remotes. Hmm…

@BuildKitBoards looks sweet

Any chance of some internal pics? Or in your opinion how easy would be to rain proof it somehow, is it a resistive pot for the throttle?

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So I’m still wondering - what is the point of the “360 degree” joystick control on an esk8 remote?

Is this all that was available with decent ergo?
Are additional left/right/diagonal input features planned?
Was a wheel/slider too difficult or expensive?

I find it super odd to be able to push left/right and nothing happens. If you push up-left at 45 degrees do you get full throttle or partial throttle? What about a 60 degree angle, 30 degree? How exact does your thumb placement need to be?

This seems like a giant hole in the design, especially if the main goal was top tier ergonomics.


Haven’t used it in a remote context yet, but on joysticks I would push it to the side for fine tuning up and down movements, as I could force it against the sidewall and it would give more resistance moving up and down from the angle and friction.


Yeah the joystick just doesn’t make any sense of the goal is ergonomics.

The little swoop on the bottom looks like it should be a throttle trigger too, so idk what’s going on with this design.