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The End of Boosted?

But must understanding boosted not sell for feature to customer. It sell for benefit. Customer they sell to not understanding like friend here so they not know about different battery.

They try for be like apple. If you see how sell for android phone is focus for feature. Apple and boosted company only sell for benefit to customer. Is different type of sell.


Oh agreed. And while they will claim in house production was to ensure the best quality control, it was primarily to widen profit margins on components.

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It was for control supply chain because too expensive for ship all over the world. Also many people not know but loaded is mostly made in China :slight_smile:


I think the main selling point for the current Boosted range is their customer service, to be honest the Chinese companies like Ownboard/Backfire/Wowgo etc won’t be able to match the willingness of Boosted to replace parts for free because their profit margin is much less than Boosted…

Buying Boosted imho is like buying a board with prepaid repair parts, if you board is good and fuss free then good for you and good for Boosted :+1: but if there comes a day you need a part to be replaced then they will send it for free because technically you’ve already paid for it in the initial purchase price :slightly_smiling_face:


Jed board taking over 2020! The boosted killer!


You spelled Jeb wrong


Is jeb or jed? I confuse.


:joy: its Jed. Just having a laugh :call_me_hand:

Oh I see. Sorry.

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Don’t be sorry, your confusion adds to the hilarity :joy:

What this word mean

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extreme amusement, especially when expressed by laughter.


Thank you friend.


This is exactly what happened with Kodak back in the day, when digital cameras started being developed, Kodak thought they were a fad and never invested in them. They were one of the first companies to make cameras, and they could have owned the entire market if they had evolved with the times


Really?? Even their wheels?

Not they wheels. But many of the deck is made in china.

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I would think wheels are different from the analogue and digital spaces… but yes, boosted when escooter instead of AT… major screwup in company direction


That’s the story of Nokia


I do not see the analogy here - boosted was not trumped by a new technology. They still are the name brand for electric skateboards.
This is more of a classic Silicon Valley screwup where a company diversifies and expands too quick, additionally is too confident and not innovative enough about their core line of product, eventually struggling in all lines and then running out of money.


Eh I should have highlighted what I was referring to, I was mainly referring to how boosted has remained stagnant in innovation in general - they didn’t hop on new trends or listen to the community for what they wanted