The End of Boosted?

It seems like a lot of companies are struggling these days, Inboard filled for insolvency a few months back after trying to launch their own version of a scooter.
Recently we had news about how Enertion’s last hope quits their journey making them prone to bankruptcy.
Now Boosted seems to face the same issues: Article by The Verge, (yes they made that shitty pc video).

Despite launching some new accessories recently, it seems that they might go downhill pretty soon?
The mini s, the plus, and the scooter are all unavailable: and it seems just like inboard that they nosedipped after trying to enter the escooter market.
It really seems that they stopped trying to innovate after the v2, the v3 is just a Chinese rebrand to maximize profits, but that didn’t lead them far. Nowadays the only justifiable price for the board would be customer service but other than that, it’s pretty overpriced.
What do you guys think?


Investor Neistat isn’t going to be too happy.



-First off all it is mine personal opinion-

I find boosted one off the most reliable boards on the market. They have a short range and Chinees electronic (like almost each brand) for a very high price. BUT you have a awesome service + the quality control they do is much higher then the other cheap Chinees brands.
I have never seen any boosted break on a groupride. Most off the time it are the cheap brands or the diy boards :grin:


So… Another brand struggles after trying to make scooters?

Stop making scooters…


Also the competition from Evolve is insane, especially with the new GTR line.


Not only evolve, now the days you have Meepo, Ownboard, backfire etc who deliver also some cool boards for a very low price. I can understand that people more chose for them then boosted. Competition is each year harder harder and harder.

Almost 3 year ago I started with this hobby and then we had not that much possibilities.


Yeah, even cheap copies are getting okay in quality. I think boosted didn’t evolve (heh) with the marketplace. They took the same product year after year and went here, now its in black. Evolve cornered the market of the appearance for ultimate performance, that left boosted to fend off all the mid tier competitors with no advancements that I saw other than a scooter and wheel with holes.


Imagine you were the CEO of Boosted 2 years ago. What would have you done to keep ahead of the competition? I think hot-swappable batteries might have been the way to go, but would like to hear what others think.


I would have diversified into scooters


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Indeed totally true. I have some friends on grouprides who easy go +40km/h on their meepo when I sometimes kick some extra speed…

I think evolve has a good place on the market due their swappable wheel possibility. Only the AT/street option and the LCD remote is the only advantages to go for a evolve over a boosted/Chinese brands.

Swappable batteries is indeed the key to succes. But the really easy way. Maybe just with some mounted connectors. Just unscrew 4 screws. Let the battery fall off and place a new one on it. Not the way boosted does it today. What a mess with those plastic tools. And maybe some higer charge current and cheaper battery


Evolve batteries are also way bigger than boosted, for range and top speed, their DPK trucks, plenty of times in group rides where stock evolve boards hang no problem where boosted had to drop out or take shortcuts.

Evolve GTR bamboo has 2x the battery size of boosted stealth with more power and wheel/gear option, for only $200 more. Its not even a competition at that point.


The only reason they’ve been going so long, is because they were one of the first, and had good QC.

For me, they’ve been overpriced from the get go.

Boosted should have:

  1. Stayed with Loaded decks
  2. Increased their battery capacity
  3. Made hot-swappable batteries
  4. Stayed away from scooters
  5. Focussed on their niche

After meeting some of the board guys at the events I noticed they were really against AT. It seems like a lot of the community are moving that way and boosted had nothing to offer in this space. Evolve were clever to make one board that fits both markets. Boosted refused to enter this space and imo it cost then a lot of customers.

Then they diverted funds for new board dev into scooter Dev, but missed the mark. They made a great scooter that fits no one’s needs. It’s too big to be portable like other scooters, but to small to be a real moped alternative. It’s too big for riding in the pavement but is not road legal in most places.

Imo these 2 things killed boosted.


Now with the exway flex, there are no major reasons to go for boosted/or maybe the brand if someone is really into that type of stuff.
It’s half of the price of a boosted with better performances/similar appearance.


Oh yeah, and it has a terrible range and some perhaps unnecessary double motor setup.
Only a few people need a scooter with front and rear drive, and most of those xiaomi m365 $300 scooters are really good for the amount of money spent on them.
As a comparison, it would be 4WB to eskates, almost no one makes them because they know not many people ask for these kind of things.
They went in a competitive market with a meh product, it didn’t ended too well there.


I will never understand how Boosted basically released the same board multiple times and people were still buying them, many being repeat customers.

I have a bit of respect for Evolve because they have awesome events that welcome other brands…and they didn’t evolve into the scoot gang


The GTR Yes! The GT and GTX nah, I have guys who only can do 5-10km with their board :sweat_smile:

The thing about having a boosted is that you really need 2 batteries on a groupride or you are never going to do the whole ride. And that makes it again extra expensive over other brand. I think they just haven’t evolved enough with the customer’s demand. AT is big business nowadays


if they go the 40T, or even the 30Q route, I might even buy one. The GTR is pretty nice now…still hate that remote though


I don’t think the GTR pushes enough current to warrant 30Q. I feel like the 35E was a great decision for them for better range. GTR mode only does like 40Aish tops for a few seconds.

The remote is… great :joy: One of my favorites.