The Electric Boarder: Thunder in the Mountains Esk8 Festival

For those of you who don’t know yet, I’ve been working on this festival since last October and it’s coming up here in just 8 days! For more information or to sign up still go to

June 12th through the 16th will be 5 days of epic esk8 fun here in Denver and surrounding areas. We’ve got tons of sponsors coming out and an awesome schedule of events for you all to enjoy!

Day One – City Cruise, meet and greet

11:00am – 1:00pm: Meet and greet at Denver Skate Park (2205 19th St, Denver, CO 80202)

1:00pm: Group ride from the skate park to Adelitas Cocina (1294 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210)

2:00pm: Lunch at Adelitas and time to charge boards

4:00pm: Group ride back to Denver Skate park

5:00pm: Break and charge up until 8pm

8:00pm: Meet at the Ginn Mill (2041 Larimer street, Denver) Ride out at 8:30 for denver cruisers, get there early so you don’t miss the group

10:00pm: Meet at Denver Skate Park for the Scavenger hunt and night ride (2205 19th St, Denver, CO 80202)

Day Two – Street course race day

Meet at IMI Motorsports Complex street boards race day ( 5074 Summit Blvd, Dacono, CO 80514 )

8:00am: Early birds who want to help set up the track and warm up early and sponsor set-up

10:00am: Start of Race day (race schedule will be provided at IMI motorsports complex)

5:00pm: Races end, open use of track, music, hanging for the camp out.

5:00-8:00: Company Demos

10:00pm: The night time lonely road ride, departs from IMI motorsports complex.

12:00pm: The Camp out at IMI motorsports complex! Sleep under the stars, in your cars or in your tents and hang out until the second race day on the off-road course!

Day Three – Off road track race day

8:00am: Early birds who want to help set up the track and warm up early and sponsor set-up

10:00am: Start of Race day (race schedule will be provided at IMI motorsports complex)

5:00pm: End of race day

Open night for food, bars, clubs or night riding since it’s Friday night and some people may want to explore the city. Join the telegram group chat to live chat and correspond with your fellow skaters to go out in the city with them at:

Day Four – Mountainside rides

10:30am: Meet at Golden City Brewery ( 920 12th St, Golden, CO 80401 )

12:00pm: Short carpool up to base of lookout mountainside, ride up lookout mountain.

2:30pm: Head back to Golden city Brewery to park again

3:00pm: Late lunch at Woody’s wood fired pizza, opportunity to charge boards

5:00pm: Ride out from woody’s and hit some of the park trails around Golden.

7:00pm: Take a break and head back to the city, rest for a few hours

10:00pm: Meet at Denver Skate Park for the night ride (2205 19th St, Denver, CO 80202)

Day Five – Fun day out in the city, brewery and dispensary exploration for the bold

11:30am: Meet at Denver Skate Park (2205 19th St, Denver, CO 80202)

12:15pm: Ride out and just explore the city for the day, open suggestions for breweries, dispensaries, food, parks and whatever else people are interested to see. Join the telegram chat in case you get lost!

Really excited to have you all out, this is going to be an epic 5 days!

Current event sponsors:

The Electric Boarder Colorado
Jed Boards
Tishawn Fahie
Skate Kastle
Red Ember Boards
Long Haired Boy
Hyper Ion Systems
Torque Boards
Flat Land 3D
Colorado Cadi
Build Kit Boards

Visiting companies

MBS/Atom Electric
Possible appearance by KOTA longboards


‎ First


Is the worst!

Real pumped to meet all you nuts. Probably just going to rock adventure time shirts all week to keep things simple :stuck_out_tongue:


Im bringing my ‘bacon pancakes’ shirt just for you.


You will know me by my custom akhult creation and favorite pastime!


I’ll be the dude to the left of Bobby (his perspective just to be real fucking clear)


I want to go… So bad.

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Every campsite within 30ish minutes of Denver is booked :rofl:


Sooooo my suitcase is barely too small (it’s massive) to fit my mtb deck. Anyone have suggestions on getting it shipped?

  1. who might have boxes or containers that big?
  2. what’s best for checking it on a plane (battery is already shipped)?
  3. is there any easy solution I’m not thinking of? I could wood work a box together but that’s gonna be over 50 lbs and can’t fly
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bring it on the plane as carry on and check your suitcase?

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I found one box supplier near me open til 5.The box is going to be 36 x 12 x 12". That’s too big for carry on but BARELY works as checked. Checked rules are under 50lbs and sum of dimensions under 62 (mine is 60!). I don’t think they’ll have a problem with a cardboard box being checked…

3 days away!!!


Gonna be a blast! :wink:


I know about the bdsm festival, don’t have to remind me :sweat_smile: we’re The Electric Boarder: Thunder in the Mountains, each yearly event will have a different theme name so I’ll make sure to steal the name from the Tampa bdsm event for our next years festival :yum::wink:


How am I feeling with three days to go???



I was really hoping to come out for this one. Just got to many things going on, including the fact my board is, let’s just say, being replaced. Mean time I have another in the works but just found out my little baby girl has a hole in her heart. so we are going to a cardiologist Friday. Hopefully next time I can bring the whole family and hopefully I’ll have a leg to race on lol. I hope everyone has a good time and the crashes aren’t too serious. Hopefully there will be good footage


That sucks brother, if there is anything we can do just say it. Know that this condition is medically not nearly as serious as it was just a few years ago, lots of options. Keep positive.


Thanks bro. I actually had something similar when I was her age and I grew out of it so hopefully she will too. Maybe we could get a YouTube live broadcast of the races tomorrow and Friday.


Some of the sick builds in Co. today.

The crew after lunch.

Hope everyone has a good time.


At least some of my boards are there :sob: