The Donation Bin

Not sure if we will get as much traction here as other places. But I figured we can have a thread dedicated to trades and freebies. I’ve given and gotten alot of free stuff and I love the idea of the community helping out!

Post up what you have to give away or sell for cheap here if you don’t want to start a new thread!

This is NOT a place for requests. If we find alot of people want to make requests, then we can start a new thread.


I got a few decks I can sell for cheap or even give for shipping costs for people in desperate need

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might want to go ahead and start that thread then lol. Requests are going to happen lol

does it come with a set of 107mm?

I’ve got some 12 gauge flexi cable. If you want some @me and lmk what length you want. I think I’ve got 10 feet of red/black.

Lol, nope

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I have assorted belts i won’t need pm me for sizes.
Also PET covers for battery wires .
Just pay shipping.
I have two protec classics too ones blue the other is black woth checkered straps. Size xl 20 bucks plus shipping each
Also xl motorcycle gloves with kevlar knuckles 5 bucks plus shipping


sending pm

Unfortunately, no decks with internal space for electronics.

I read this as pet like cats and dogs and not PET the plastic. I was thinking what type of pet do you have that is chewing battery wires? Gerbils.


my cattle dog once chewed an entire 25m extension lead into 5cm long pieces.


Hahaha thata too funny

You got any deck that could fit some small pneumatics ?

Got an old 6355 210kv non sensored lying in a box…
it’s pretty ugly but works fine

I do but Its not worth shipping over to France as I’m in San Diego, California

Mind telling what kind of deck are they (the ones that could fit pneumatics) ? Just to know

These are bunch of stuff that I would like to find a better home for.

  1. Two Lipo batteries 3s 4000mAh, could be nice 6s board. I can throw in a wired BMS for them. CLAIMED
  2. Racestart 120A 6s ESC, phase wires need to be resoldered.
  3. ABEC clones 90mm black, ridden for not that long.
  4. Pneumatic tires w/ tubes, 6x1.5, new never used - 6 of them. CLAIMED
  5. Box of stuff of my early esk8 days - small wheels, cheap trucks and non-working banggood motor w/ 10mm shaft (there’s a pulley for it in the box).



Ive got a small pile of 16T 12mm steel motor pulleys.

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Heya Dani, if you know the dimensions of the hubs the 6x1.5s are for, I might be interested in taking them off you