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I’d love those ABEC 90mm clones and the two 3S lipos to overhaul an old board. Are you in North America and able to check shipping costs (that I will cover) to Ontario, Canada?

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Damn…the rims I have are 44mm wide, I guess they are 6x2s

Also, 3 cases for fish hook remote - conversion of the mini remote to thumb controlled.
2 of the older version, which you can use with direct lipo
1 for the new version and has space for the switch.


Prove it. I have a blue Heeler.

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Do you know if just the lipos would fit in a small flat-rate? Asked around and a friend has some wheels he offered up. Thanks again for checking all of this.

How many 6" wheels do you have? I’ll put them to good use. Are you located in the USA?

They will.
I can throw in the ESC if you’d like.

6 of them
I’m in the US

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An ESC or BMS would be fantastic if you could! I’m not sure how to move this to DMs. Does this new forum have private messaging?

You have a DM

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3/4" wire wrap. Velcro type. Black and gray.
100ft each. So come get it (Los Angeles)

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You posted this in the donation bin! Dibs on the dog. Board still available.

(compliment to your dog, no disrespect to your ride)


haha he’s a good boy. not for sale. my first dog ever was a blue heeler, first dog as an adult was a red heeler, this guy is a heeler x kelpie. good mix.

That’s the kind you don’t have to string your wires through but it wraps around your wires right?

Id love a few feet if you don’t mind shipping.

I’m getting this stuff

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Correct. I’m out of town this week though. I can send you some next week. As long as shipping costs are on you

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No rush bud. Thanks a ton. A bit of each would be great.

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