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The Dimensions Thread

A thread where you can ask others about sizes/dimensions and weights of specific parts

For example I need to know this dimension on the haggyboards bergmeister hub @haggyboard.timo


Can we make it a rule that you have to explain why you’re asking? :wink:


Figuring out what spacer I need to supply gear drives with


Great idea @moon

Anyone know the bolt size of the two front truck mounting bolts on trampa holypro decks? Need the dimension for a hole in a mounting plate.


That would definitely make it a better resource.


On the haero it’s M5, but my Trampa trucks came with m6 bolts… So in the end I don’t know and I just added confusion but there you go :laughing:

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@PixelatedPolyeurthan @xsynatic the lower two bolts are M5 but on the holypro the top bolts seem bigger like m6 or m8 @Trampa

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Love the idea moon, am gonna make use of this for sure C:

hm…Trampa defines 2 different ones as truck bolts.

maybe they used what they had left.

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You need the hex bolt with 25mm length. You could also use a countersunk bolt with 25mm lngth.

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I’ve seen two boards with Trampa trucks that have PU wheels mounted. The axles on those trucks are 9.525 mm. Are they really using 9.525 mm x 22.225 mm bearings and jamming the bearings into the core which is sized for 22 mm bearings?

I’ve asked both people below what they did and they have not responded…:crying_cat_face:

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I think they are

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yes , just a tighter fit

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@Randy Thanks for confirmation! Very nice board you have!

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does anybody know the diameter of how far the holes are apart on the evolve mount brackets?

I have them here so no measurements needed, need actual hard numbers.

I’m confused what numbers exactly that you need.

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The diameter on how far these holes are apart.

Can’t tell you that but this may help.


it seems that those holes are in an aproximately 34mm circle apart from eachother from that file thanks!

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