The Dewalt Dinghy

Decided to build something a little smaller and more portable than the Toy’s R Us longboard.

This is a Landyachts dingy board to build it from. Maytech trucks and wheel motor.

I have an Ebmakers mini VESC coming and the batteries will be a pair of Dewalt 20v max batteries. I have a few matching sets so I can run tiiny 30 wh packs or a pair of 100 wh packs. The mounts will be based on a Waitley battery adapter with some 3d printed parts epoxied in to make them survive on the bottom of a skateboard.


Niceee, interested to see moarrr!

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The ESC is arriving who the fuck knows when and amazon decided that the battery adapters are low priority.

So it might be a while.

After standing on this in my basement I was expecting it to feel way smaller than the longboard but it really doesn’t.

Np, curious to how it works out :p.

Some 3d printed risers to give some extra space for the batteries.

I kind of feel bad that I will be covering up this lovely artwork.


Here is one of the battery adapters. In this picture I have removed the top part that fits into the old XRP stye tool. The contacts in these are rated for something like 30 amps so no problem with two of them feeding my tiny little hub motor.

To securely mount these I 3d printed a filler piece that will get epoxied in and then the whole thing will be attached using 4 m5 bolts.

Fit pretty well for the first try. I need to grind down the unused studs in the front as they are holding the filler piece up slightly.


Should have went with a yellow outter wheel if you went with a dewalt battery hahaha make it a “sponsored” build

Perhaps I should invest in some Milwaukee batteries instead.


I know there are files online to make one brand of battery work with other drills so you may be on to something with the most universal power plant around.

Idk how old you are but on Monster Garage (w/ Jesse James, they had an episode sponsored by Milwaukee and they built a drag car with something like 700 batteries in the trunk. Shit was crazy in 2004.

These adapters are compatible with both dewalt and milwaukee batteries.

Probably not a great idea to mix and match brands when they are going in series though.

I am more than old enough to remember monster garage. I still think junkyard wars was a better format.


@Pottsy this is your people


Either way! Exciting build.

Thanks for doing something weird!!!


Rough up the inside to give it some bite.

A little thickened epoxy.

And now we wait.


Insert dewait pun


My cruiser runs Milwaukee’s infact most of my builds use power tool batteries except one, works well and simple as

I’m surprised they are not more common @Pottsy. Widely available, reasonably priced.

Now time to start thinking about how to place them. Side by side or one after another. Facing sideways or fire and aft.

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I would say you should fit them side by side


I would say that facing sideways might give you less chance of the battery coming loose. If its parallel with the deck, then accelerating and braking is putting force directly on the locking mechanism. If the batteries are sideways (perpendicular to the deck) then the force is applied laterally to the rails holding in the battery.

Might not make that much of a difference though :man_shrugging:

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I went side by side

I taped a battery and mount to my deck and did some lean testing.

It appears that ground clearance wise mounting the batteries sideways on the deck one beside the other is best.

I might need some thicker risers.