The Definitive Guide to Metr App / Metr Pro

Sorry, but this doesn’t make any sense even if I try really hard. You don’t use Bluetooth to connect over USB. Firmware of USB module? What’s that?

Please send some pics of the errors you’re getting.

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Anyone know if there are any plans to add support for the app to work on the Google pixel watch 2. Would love to have stats on my watch

Does it actually not work on the Pixel Watch 2? It’s just Android Wear so it should be fine. I have it on a Samsung Galaxy watch which is also WearOS 4.0 like the Pixel watches.

Nope it’s not available on the watch 2. Also the watch 2 doesn’t allow you to use the wear os app. You have to use the “watch” app. And through there the metr app only shows available for “phone, tablet, Chromebook”.

Have you tried enabling the Android Wear setting in the phone Metr app? It’s in the Miscellaneous section.

On my phone I also don’t see the watch as an option from the Play Store app on the phone but I have the app on my watch and use it all the time.

Yes that setting is enabled. If you don’t see the app in the play store than how would I get it on the watch? Like I said the pixel watch 2 doesn’t use the the wear os app. It uses the “watch” app Wich just links you to the play store for all app downloads. So unless I’m missing something I don’t see how else I would get the app on the watch.

I just tried searching the app from the actual watch as well and came up with nothing. There is also no options to add a “tile” for metr