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The BRO | 12S8P | Haero Bro Model | E-TOXX Dual Direct Drive | 170kV 6374 Maytech Closed Can | Dual VESC 6 Plus |

This is my initial post about my next build and I want to ask, if I forgot something or I have to change some parts.

  • Board: MBS Comp 95
  • Trucks: Ultimate Hangers Black
  • Wheels: 8 inch Superstar Hubs
  • Battery: 12S8P Samsung 30Q 1037 Wh
  • VESC: Dual Trampa VESC6 Plus
  • Motor: Dual 170kV 6374 Maytech closed Can sensored motors
  • Transmission: E-TOXX Dual Direct Drive
  • Protection: IXS XACT, Acerbis Koearta 2.0, TSG Force III, Flatland3D esk8 Gloves, Dainese Hard Short E1

Total cost: about 1800 € with a open end :innocent:

Let the journey begin…


What about enclosure and remote?

Enclosures will be custom and then get 3d printed and for the remote I’ll go for a firefly nano or a VESC Wand.

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Since you are already this far. Copy kalys 12s12p.

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That will double the battery cost and increase overall weight :joy:

Ive got a Feather remote Kit with the extra module (sans remote shell, but there are STLs online), if youre interested. Its basically a juiced up version of the Firefly

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Do you have some Pics of this?

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I’ll PM you, I dont want to clutter your thread :slight_smile:

Do you want more to cruise or more going full speed trhoigh woods and jump arround and all that stuff? :slight_smile:

I prefer going speedy in the woods and I could sometimes cruise around on abandoned streets

Ditch the ultimate hangers in favour of infinity, much stronger.
From what you are describing you may not need 9" tyres. You can save a lot of weight by going with 8" and the mini gear drive.


I’ve been considering upgrading to the plus version of the 6.6 dual. That form factor is awesome.

If you go with 9“ than maybe better to use lower kV motors. Something between 130-150kV might be the right than.
Also which gearing ratio you plan to use?


Go with 8", the board feels much more “sneaky” (better to handle)


Stiffness is an argument, but how much weight do I save, if I go with 8" Superstar instead of 9" Superstars? And for mini gear drive only the blue option is still available. The other two options are sold out.

1:4 or 1:5, because I plan to with a gear drive system. With 190kV and 9" tyres I go up to nearly 65 km/h and that is too much for me. :sweat_smile: 150kV will be more suitiable.

There are no superstar 9" hubs so you would have to go with 9" aluminium megastar hubs.
From Trampa’s website there seems to be more than 200g difference per hub.
Add to that the tyres and tube weight difference my guess is over 1.5kg in total between 8" and 9".

That’s a number for weight saving.

Let me add this here. It’s with chains, but non the less. 8“ plastic hubs to 9“ cnc hubs:


9" are nice, but like others said before with 8" and the mini drive with 1:5 gearing you have a lot of clearance as well and save a good amount of weight.