The best trucks for street,but with horrible roads.

Greetings lads! I hope your day is going great so far, and if not - you’d better cheer up right now!

So anyway, I was thinking of upgrading my board (all the time), and the thing I want to change is the trucks. Currently, I run L-faster trucks (somewhat similar to trampa), and generally, they’re fine, especially since they do a great job with dealing with those horrible Auckland roads and pathways. However, their main downside is the turn radius which is awful (plus, I have a slightly flat deck too).

Because of that bad turn radius, last time, I almost had a front collision with a car, so I do really need to change them. But I don’t know what to change it for, because the roads are horrible. I’ve read a few topics on trucks but only got more confused, to be honest.

So if you would be so kind as to give me an advice - I’ll be extremely grateful!


Get some matrix iiis my dude

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Those trucks have a zero degree angle to them. That means if you were to put them on a completely flat deck you basically wouldn’t be able to turn at all.

The trucks need the angle to be provided by the deck to be able to turn. That’s why you see these types on decks with angled tips.

If you add an angled riser to the front that increases the angle you will decrease your turning radius and increase maneuverability.


If you have bad roads but want turnability, then I suggest going with as wide trucks as possible. The longer the hanger, the less of an angle change bumps in uneven road will cause.

Moon’s Luna 350 trucks are a good choice, and for decks with angled tips Matrix 3 and hypertrucks are good options.


What deck are you using?


To debate that point, the wider the truck, the more lever arm when hitting bumps, so it will wrench the wheels back more. Which would be REAL bad if using urethanes.


This is my thought too, I think Rusins point is only true if you increase the bushing durometer over the short truck.


Hmm, that’s a good point. I feel like that in practice though a loose (easy to turn) truck that absorbs that road impact will feel more stable than a stiff truck that’s less likely to conform to the road.

My source: Apex air technology + that video of a lacroix rider hitting a pothole with too stiff bushings :laughing:


Airs actually get pretty unstable at speed (33+ on default bushings) so I won’t say this is true. I have hit some bumps at higher speed and they absorbed it alright but it’s not just because they’re wide

Their beauty is their stability between 15 and 25 offroad, which is what they were designed for imo. They are not the best track trucks and can be heavily affected at high levels of turn but disturbances to the system

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But do they get unstable at speed due to them absorbing bumps on the road, or just because the geometry is inherently unstable for high speed riding?

I fully agree with airs not being the best choice for a street board btw.

Not sure, I haven’t done any scientific testing to prove one way or the other

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Oh I have an angle, pretty sure it’s 15 degrees, but I still need more turn :sweat_smile:

Um, that’s a great question to which I unfortunately don’t have an answer😅
It’s sure is a deck, which is also slightly curved on the edges. Very similar to evolve’s deck but thinner and more flexible.

We race HD 3-links at 40+mph uphill on the worst surface imaginable, Barrett Junction.
Pre run shows the road chunder. Race shows the speed and stability on the road.


“Please allow me to introduce myself”


Better speed to be made on the shoulder. Road is for oxen, wood wheeled carts and standing the tests of time. Pretty cool old road.


There are basically flat tipped decks like traditional skateboards and longboards and there are mountainboard decks. Mtb decks have angled tips usually around 30° (beginner decks have closer to 20° tips).

Using longboard/skate trucks on a mountainboard or using mtb trucks (matrix, trampa, l faster clones, etc) on a flat deck will F up the turning really badly.

Matchy Matchy!



@poastoast you’ve found them to be pretty good at speed, no?

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You cut out the part that makes that statement valid lol

Obviously you can make them more stable but they won’t be as easy to turn. Also, I’m running 35 35

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