The best customer service in esk8?

My opinion is this company is by far the best in the esk8 community and i want everyone to know it!!!

After starting a few thread, looking into option, trying to source a replacement bell housing…
emailing maytech direct see if they can help or supply a new cover.
checked unikboards, etox, see if anybody else ahs a 150kv maytech motor…

I was also chatting in a couple of esk8 chats praying to find a spare bell housing to replace the one i smashed…

Then i messages Mackann at Bioboards
as i checked their site and they are out of stock to see when they may be back in stock or if they had any replacement parts…

Mackann replied and is sending me a replacement motor to fix the one that i (stupidly) crashed into a rock.

Im utterly surprised, shocked and completely overwhelmed with this act of generosity and customer service.

bioboards review

Service 10/10

Price 10/10

Support 10/10

Supporting the esk8 community 11/10

i cant express enough gratitude to this one company after so many let downs by so many different people over the past 4months of building a DIY board this 1 company has put them all to shame in every area of business and service.

Bioboards, thank you for your assistance.

If you haven’t ordered from bioboards i really recommend considering them for your next order. They are different to most esk8 companies here!


For prebuilt boards i have found meepo board to have great customer service beyond warranty expiration.It’s cool to see even better service from bioboards


Haggyboards is right up there as well with support and products.

They are quick to respond and even give a bit of extra wears without even asking.

I like this thread. Keep them positive feedbacks coming.


I know they’re not ‘vendors’ but if you buy anything from @DerelictRobot or @yelnats8j you’re guaranteed speedy reply times and good information :+1:


i agree strongly with this statement!!!

Top support and a great guy, messaged me just to see how i was finding his wheels after 2 months and before that when i had a problem with DHL he resent the parcel as soon as he looked into the issue(before he got the original order back).

+1 for Haggyboards


Vendors I have had to deal with

Haggyboard Timo @haggyboard.timo 11/10 Amazing and simple just the way u want. Fast shipping and he is flexible to work with.

@EboardSolutions pretty good too


+1 for @haggyboard.timo !

Also had good buying experience with @Agnes_Maytech


Respect and credit to
@moon for amazing CS gear drive
@haggyboard.timo for amazing CS and bergs
@Arch for amazing CS and La’Skyr


I have dealt with @Psychotiller and while he is currently super backed up with moving over to abec11. But he is a great vendor I asked him about making my enclosure slightly taller and said it wouldn’t be a problem I actually was surprised with how quick I got it as I figured and fully expected it to be moved to the back of the line to get through the standard shapes.

@mmaner and @yelnats8j while not vendors but are great for any 3d printed parts


I have dealt with @NoWind some months ago, so he’s indeed legit. Great guy!


Had really fast and great support from Trampa after UPS messed up and lost my stuff :slight_smile:

Meepo is meh they said that a bad bearing was normal and you cant get spares after barely a few months.

Enertion dont get me started cause we all know :rofl:

Nkon fast reply with good answers.

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We should come out with an approved vendor badge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If so, it would require quite some effort from the mods. They would need to determine if that title is still true after X amount of time. What if exactly 51% of their customer base is happy? Would it say that theyre ‘approved’?

Someone has to set parameters, and then others have to follow it… and for what? What would this achieve that ‘a reasonable amount of reading into the product that your purchasing’ wouldnt?

Personally I would like to see something like this, it just needs to be attacked from the correct angle.

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Enertion is the best before they used to tell me it was my fault that their product failed cause I was too fat. Great honesty you cant find else where. Now they dont even respond to any warranty claims or anything anymore and they got rid of Bara because he was terrible he would respond to customers too quickly and fixed their problems with out question. Everyone knows you cant have open communication and happy customers if you want the best customer service.


I cant lie, you had me in the second half.


I think a thread or post like this works best because in 2020 there will be 10new companies we dont know about yet. A constant discussion of good vendors and people calling out bad vendors more is what we need to do as a comunity.

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This is the TRUTH!!!


The thing is that many guys are saying very fast that … is a bad company without giving the company some waiting time. Also a big amount off vendors here are doing their business in their free time. Next to work/study, family time, esk8 time & extra hobbies.

I am also not the fastest guy for responding. I have not always that much time. + there are many guys that ask very stupid questions in pm :sweat_smile:


for people in EU i would also like to mention @EboardSolutions aka

stellar pre- and after purchase support, and endured all my newbie questions via email like a boss


Feel free to leave input on my vendors thread, I can add things to it if need be