Thanks for almost murdering me, Flipsky.

VX2 throttle spring must’ve broke or something, but it suddenly started sticking in the full throttle position. Brake doesn’t stick.

Literally almost died on a main road - thank god I’m just left with an arm full of road rash.
Don’t ever buy the VX2 or flipsky remotes, just ball out on a good remote promise you won’t regret it.


I’m sorry you were hurt, and am glad it wasn’t catastrophic injuries. I hope for a fast recovery. :pray:


Mine did the same thing approaching a stop sign. Took it apart and wiggled some shit been fine ever since. The cruise control is the worst about that remote. Mechanically stuck ok I can deal with it, electronically stuck I’m more confused than a dog with 2 peckers.


Can we see the insides? The remote, not your road rash.


My enertion Nano x remote did the same. Fuck cheap remotes.

Thank you for taking the time to share your unfortunate experience and glad you are safe to tell the tale.


Take it back.

I had passed a stop sign and got onto a main road, went full throttle and when I let off it stuck, I had adjusted my weight back when I let off and as it kept pulling I wasn’t ready for that extra push from the back and it flew beneath my feet, straight into a curb and narrowly missed a car.
This board pulls harder as it gains speed, and when I let off is about when the board pulls the hardest (around 15ish mph). Although the evo is great for bracing for lots of power from the back wheels (easy to put your foot against the double drop) I just couldn’t handle that unexpected power. Thank god no cars hit me or my board, as my lipos could’ve caught fire if ran over.


Sure, do I just pry the remotes two pieces apart? Or is there any trick to it?

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Screw behind the label

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Worst part is it was 90 bucks. I think it’s time to invest in a hoyt st puck.


The reviews don’t lie

Do you calibrate the nano before you turn the deck on?

Any other remote recommendations aside from the puck?

Yes. It got physically stuck in full throttle.

I really like the maytech split trigger design but there’s one specific street downtown it’s acted funny so I can’t give it a full recommendation.

This guy is commonly referred to as the mini remote but is tried and true reliable

Ugly but if you want to swap it, there are several 3d printed cases for it.


Seems one of the little plastic things on the throttle wheel broke. Brake side has two and doesn’t stick, throttle side only has one and appears to be missing one.


Where I circled in red did one of the little plastic tabs break, or are there only one on this side and two on the other (white circle side) ? I couldn’t find a broken plastic piece in my remote…
For fun I tried to pull the brake lever past its stopping point to see if I could break something but couldn’t and I don’t push my throttle up that hard so idk.


i nearly forgot the vx2 is a hall sensor remote :woozy_face:


Posts like this always make me worried using my VX2… maybe it’s time to get a puck

Can confirm connection issues with all revisions of the maytech dual trigger.

Go puck or go home, nothing else comes close for reliability.