Tempoboard by DEAF Launch

Good Afternoon Everyone. My Name is Elias Vanier and I am excited to announce the launch of our first product, the Tempoboard by DEAF!

Our website is: deafllc.com

My brother Marion and I have worked hard engineering a consumer grade board with DIY specs.

This is our Kickstarter pre-launch so we are offering a super early bird special to the first 10 buyers at $1,450 per board and after that, we will have our boards at a reduced price of $1,550 until our Kickstarter launches in Spring 2020!

Our boards are assembled in the U.S. We are initially shipping within the U.S. and expecting to expand internationally by winter 2020.

Our pre-order turn around will be between 2 to 3 months.

We are excited to begin this new chapter and hope you all will be just as passionate as we are about the board!

Contact us at:

Here are the specs of the Tempoboard:

Battery: 12s3p
Wheels: 80 mm
Gear Ratio: 18/36
Throttle Curve: -20/-20 Expo
ESC: 6.6
Motors: 6374
Belt Width: 12mm
Remote: Vx2 w/ Screen Display

32”x10.8” Board
Range @ Full Speed: up to 16 miles
Range @ 18 mph : up to 21 miles
Speed: up to 34 mph


Lots going on here


I’ll just be direct, could you explain a bit more on what the value proposition is here? On paper there’s nothing to exceptional about the board and as it stands the BKB kit offers similar specs at near half the cost, it looks like mostly all flipsky hardware as well, if it was Maytech I could see that price point but in the current configuration I find it hard to justify that price point.


I’m sorry, but it looks like a diy board.



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Hi, for starters yes its similar but the difference is BKB sells a kit. We are selling a premade board, while it may be a small difference, our target audience is different as we are selling to people who don’t have time or want to learn how to build their own esk8.

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I understand it’s pre-built but is the assembly worth $575?

Deck $25
Motors $100
Esc $150
Trucks and mounts $210
Battery $200
Enclosure $20
Belts and pulleys $80
Wheels $20
Antispark $35
Hardware connectors etc. $35


So $575 for assembly?


Weather Resistant: yes

are your motors sealed? if not, not water resistant.

Wheels: 80 mm Kegels

your photos have abec cored wheels

Motors: 2 x high performance 6374 brushless motors

your photos have 6355 motors.

good luck, you’d probably have better traction on random facebook esk8 groups. i don’t think people on here are going to fall for it though.


Poor deaf tech :disappointed_relieved:


Nice I love these threads :joy:


Guys, I would suggest pulling this and having a good think on it. This has the appearance of a random assembly of parts rather than a cohesive production board design.

Aiming for honesty more than negativity here.





Our Costs are much higher as we are just getting started but we priced it where we did for a reason

Our Value go beyond assembly, you are paying for customer support if an issue arises, a warranty in the unlikely event of a defective part, and convince. When getting started in the community, things go wrong often, with our board you get the support you need.

Sorry for the late reply

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I really don’t want to get into a whole argument about price here but if I were you I would go back to the drawing board a bit as I don’t think you will sell many if any at all At the current price point.


Everyone starts somewhere, It may not be your taste but we have designed everything for a reason. Our extra wide deck handles high speeds while being short enough to store anywhere.

We believe in our product like how boosted believed in theirs, like how the guys at speedboard believes in their product. This is our first product, our MVP. We have top notch specs that beat out other consumer boards and this will be the worst board we release, its only going to get better from here.

Thank you everyone for your feedback, its only going to help us moving further

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@Kellag I’ve seen you around on the forum :joy:


We upgraded the parts since the photoshoot. :sunglasses:

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Here we go again…

At $1450, there are way too many options that’ll beat what you’re trying to sell…

I’m sorry but, which part of this is engineering…? I just see parts very poorly assembled… (no motor phase wire sleeves, bad phase wire management, misaligned belts (your motor mount isn’t square with your trucks btw…). And i’ve not even looked inside your enclosure; pretty sure it’s another can of worms in there.

I have so many more comments but I don’t even know where to begin…


have a like, OP.

I agree with everyone else’s sentiments around here… I don’t know what else to say.

if you are going to source off the shelf components and build for people, why not start there? If your building skills are up to par, maybe the service will sell for you… at the moment it looks like that’s all you are really offering, coupled with some relatively bottom shelf components.

What cells are you using in your battery? how is it constructed? pics? We would love to know this thing is at least not going to set homes on fire and put children and families at risk.

Sorry, I don’t mean to sound negative. Seeing as this is a passion project, I wish you guys the best. Maybe a cool paint job on the board and enclosure would be a nice touch to make it stand out a bit.