TB110 gearing choice

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Trying to figure out last nicks of the build for this summer and I’m running into issue of figuring out what gearing I should go for.
Last summer I built board with this kit and it kinda gave me feel for what I wanted in next build. My main focus is range at +50km’s, efficiency and torque, top speeds doesn’t matter that much, but getting 50ish km/h would be fine to me as I was driving 30km/h on average and 40max (limit of board). The problem I am faced is main drive pulley, it’s gonna be 3d servisas one, but due to cost I want to get gearing that most likely match my desires and I wouldn’t have to buy another one later.

List of parts so far:
landyahtz 39’ deck
TB 6374 190KV motors
TB 218mm trucks with custom cast pivots (should probably get adjustable baseplates aswell?)
Molicell P42A 12s4p
2x CFOC2
14/48 gearing
TODO custom built fiberglass enclosure

Would love to hear your opinions on this whole build weather its worthwhile going such a large main gear, from my understanding I can lower gear ratio any time by changing motor pulley, which is way cheaper than getting new drive gear in case it turns out I want more speed. I also dropped everything in calculator and it gave me this:


I’ll make you an enclosure.


For 110mm wheels a 48T pulley is going to produce a ton of torque. Regardless of what wheel pulley you go with, I would opt for a 15T motor pulley because you will have less slippage and better belt engagement. I also think that 15/40 or 15/44 is a better ratio for TB110s, but that is partly personal preference. You will still have plenty of oomph with that battery choice (I have the same). I find that not riding a board at it’s absolute maximum speed makes for a more relaxing and controllable ride but YMMV.


Your understanding is correct; way cheaper to buy a larger motor pulley if you want more speed, than to buy a larger wheel pulley if you want more torque. On a street board with those motors and gearing ratio I think you’ll have plenty of Torque, no worries. I also agree with Myke that 15:48 would be better to prevent belt slippage.

P.S. I’m personally waiting for BN 44T wheel pulleys to be in stock in Europe, should be a fair bit cheaper than 3d servisas.


I’ve ridden my 110s in a 15:40 ratio and I thought it was a good torque/speed balance


Would love to accept your offer but I’m stupidly curious to try to build case myself, also due to small space it’s gonna be pretty complicated one to say the least. :sweat_smile: CFOC is a bit bigger than vesc , however I will save space by using flexyBMS

I will have tensioner pulley so slippage shouldn’t be an issue? (in theory :sweat_smile:)

What about efficiency? Just by looking at graphs BLDC motors are 100% efficient at max RPM, is this true or is real life a bit different here. I may be missing something, maybe motor bearing wear?

Just checked, 3D servisas one seems to be worth the price, the best quality around, also 48T

Looks good. I’d start with 15/48 or 15/44 and skip over the 14T pulley.

A torquier ratio also helps increase range too.


What was the max speed you managed to get. I’m a bit terrified to even attempt to go over 50km’h, there are couple of new cycle roads that I could try at but it wouldn’t be something I would do daily. :thinking:

I prefer 15/42 or 15/44. 15/40 and 15/48 also work

15/48 will increase range but have slightly less ground clearance.

I don’t do 15/40 anymore personally.


I have really enjoyed running 16/40 on my 10S board with 110s. That felt just right when I lived in the flat desert of Phoenix but now that I live in the CA foothills I went down a couple teeth on the motor pinion and I can happily accelerate up the steepest hills around me. I am also interested in picking up some 44T pulleys, they seem like a really good size for TB 110s.




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Totally agree.


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This would be my recommendation. I rode mine at 12T/36T which is 1:3 and absolutely loved the torque but had issues with belt skipping because of the low amount of teeth on the motor gear. 15T/44T is 1:2.93 which is a neat balance between speed and acceleration if you ask me.


Fixed :wink:

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