Tayto | Nano Geardrive | 6355 | 12S5P

Hi Guys,

Another build topic. This is my daily driver for commuting to the gym or supermarket.
I really want to have a board with enough range, limited in size. Good braking power and water resistant.

This is the part list

  • Tayto Deck
  • Caliber E-trucks
  • Caliber 45 degree rear baseplate
  • Riptide bushings, pivot cups and precision washers
  • Abec 107mm wheels
  • Zealous Ceramic bearings
  • 3Dservisas Nano gear drive 1:2.6
  • Maytech motors 6355 170KV 3000W
  • Dual Focbox
  • 3Dservisas Focbox cooler
  • 3Dservisas antispark switch
  • Eboosted Enclosure
  • 12S5P Samsung 30Q battery with cell level fusing
  • BMS with bluetooth
  • Mini Remote and Trampa Wand (soon)
  • Front and rear lighting dc bucket converters…
  • "in da loop"key from with builtin fuse
  • SS hardware

I quite happy with result. I really like the concave and stability. I need to adjust to lack of flex, pumping the short deck is not possible.
Here are the pictures:


Looks fantastic my man!

Tell us about this


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this looks like a kmart light to me lol

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You should have known. It’s a nuclear powered loopkey, gives me 40km extra range.

Is it squishy? Please say it’s squishy

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it was my first requirement.

I like your heatsink bezel! By chance that on

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Really like those lights. What are they?

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This build is really well done! A compact powerhouse indeed.

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Looking very sharp, those gearboxes are perfect for this build

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This is a reaaaaaaally cool build!!!

Well fucking done!

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thanx I will share all files soon on thingiverse!

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I really like the gearboxes. especially the sound and breaking power

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front light lights are the fronts of torch light with 3d printed bracket and rear is a modified bike like light
I will see if I can find a link.