Tayto | DUAL Nano Geardrive | 6355 | 12S5P l FOCBOX [EU] CLOSED

I’m going to sell this board to fund my new project.

This board is in almost new condition. Did approx around 500km without any issue
A real powerhouse and compact commuter.
For more details see my build topic. Click here!

Tayto | DUAL Nano Geardrive | 6355 | 12S5P l FOCBOX [EU]

his is the part list

  • Tayto Deck
  • Caliber E-trucks
  • Caliber 45 degree rear baseplate
  • Riptide bushings, pivot cups and precision washers
  • Abec 107mm wheels
  • Zealous Ceramic bearings
  • 3Dservisas Nano gear drive 1:2.6
  • Maytech motors 6355 170KV 3000W
  • Dual Focbox
  • 3Dservisas Focbox cooler
  • Eboosted Enclosure
  • 12S5P Samsung 30Q battery with cell level fusing
  • Smart BMS with bluetooth
  • Mini Remote
  • Front and rear lighting dc bucket converters…
  • "in da loop"key from with builtin fuse
  • SS hardware
  • Metr pro module
  • Trampa nrf module for Vesc app and Wand remote (not included)
  • Charger 4A 12s
  • Extra bushings to adjust the board to your style and weight.

Overall cost for this board was around €1750,-

I’m willing to sell it for €1050,- + shipping cost. preferable within EU.

Depending on the interest I might be open to sell it outside the EU without battery and charger for €150,- less.


I absolutely love this board. Definitely one of my favorite builds on the forum.


How did he even fit a 12s5p in there damn, qualitty build


haha it’s tight fit and a lot of tinkering.


its cute

Who built the battery and do you have pictures?


Dang, that looks nice. What are the dual power switches for? I see one is for powering up the board…

Is the other for lights?

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It has a loop key I believe for turning the board on and off, so the 2 buttons must be for front and rear lights.


at the moment 1 switch is spare. I used it in the past for a antispark switch. However tried multiple ones and all of them failed after some time hard riding. Maybe I was unlucky but since then I used a loopkey with great reliability. I decided to keep it in for now.

the other one is for the lights


If u ever part it out, I will take the gear drive.
I need to stop buying parts


I did. i,m not sure if i have.

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took some better pictures during day time

If there is no interest :frowning: I might decide to sell it into parts…

If it was the beginning of summer I’d buy this in a heart-beat… But now I’m so close to having my own boards + need a pneumatic build for the rainy winter that I can’t justify it :confused:

The parts you have are no longer “state of the art”, but they are reliable ones, so I think this makes way more sense as a complete build. That being said, the parts alone probably do add up to about 1k€ so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I might be interested in the deck, enclosure and lights if you do part out though.

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Thank you for the kind words

I made topic for the parts sale

topic can be closed

sold in parts