Suspension Trucks for Boards

Hey guys
I’m creating this post to help me and other who might be thinking on getting some suspension trucks for their boards
Like the ones used by Baja Boards

I have tried to find trucks like does online but with no luck, the only thing I find are complete builds

If any one knows a of a site tha has this kind of trucks for sale, please post here so it can maybe help some people find them

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Lots of info here: FULL SUSPENSION BOARDS - #56 by Halbj613
Most of the makers of suspension board will sell you the trucks as well.
Majority of them aren’t just bolt on though, you need decks that will actaully fit the trucks, you gonna need motor mounts etc… half the time you wind up need to either fabricate parts or buying a rolling chassis.

As an example… ecombl has most of the parts for sale here:

but you will realize very quickly… you cant just get the trucks and expect to slap it on a random deck and ride off into the sunset. You are gonna need their drive… which means you need their hubs… which means you need their tires… oh the might as well as grab their deck too… before you know it… you got a rolling chassis and because you bought parts and not a complete… its pricy… so might as well just buy the board and rip out the internals if you don’t like them