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Surf Rodz TKP adjustable baseplates. Also TKP != RKP, loves

So are surfrodz the only option for adjustable base plates for their tkp trucks?

@rey8801 has some.


EDIT: never-mind this is RKP version


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they wont work

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These are RKP only as far as I know.




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It looks like @rey8801 is working on TKP adapters for his mounts so I’m eagerly waiting for those :upside_down_face:

@mikenyc is working on them too but no eta just yet.

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I’ve got one surfrodz brand adjustable baseplate I was gonna sell if that helps.

I have finished them and they look as solid as the RKP version, no problem there. Just thinking if there is enough interest for a GB otherwise I can leave with my single prototype as well :grin: Not big plans about it


Well I’m interested, I’ll just put my name down pre-emptively :grin:

I will let la these day around black Friday. Then I will ask. This is the right time to start a GB since takes around a month to get them done and otherwise we get to close to the Chinese new year.