Suggested Forum Improvements 2022

most important development today:

Im just gonna quote my paragraph from earlier:
also gonna make this a wiki. Lets stop derailing the other shit



Slightly stricter new user vetting period. Nino should never have been able to even send those messages.
More clearly defined protocols for when issues arise. In the rules pages, perhaps add examples of broken rules and how they were dealt with. Which ties into what the mob wants, leader level to be an actual thing.

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Don’t we already have a forum suggestions thread, in the appropriate category?

i have no clue what yerr talking about

Can you please provide some evidence?

Giving me a Alien badge for starters. That would be nice. That would make this forum much more awesome. I think thats it. That’s all we need. @jamie? Please? :alien:


Huh? Why don’t you look lol



Dead threads get buried constantly xD
That’s a biiiit of an issue but not a big one imo.
More leadership would make it easier to merge topics when we end up with dupes.

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You said there was another thread about forum suggestions so why don’t you show us where it is. Back up your claims.

someone said make a new thread, I said ok and did it. I know there is one, but I feel like this is a bit more situation specific

i fixed the category




Why are you being weird about it? I’ve been here way longer than you. Do you take me for a fool or what? “Back up your claims” like I consistently spew BS around here or something… Okay lmao

That’s fair


I’m not being weird about it. I was simply asking if you could point us in the right direction, don’t take it the wrong way sir. It was just for reference.

Messages over typing don’t convey like they do in person or over the phone. Forums are not my forte.

I hereby instate productivity law.
No off topic arguments. No snark. Make your suggestions and move on. No dumpster fires.


Knowing that though doesn’t it seem that the best strategy might be to spend a bit more time considering the wording of your responses? :thinking:


…yeah, gotta work on that man.


I think we should vote for more mods. Like at least 3 more. Make a thread, everyone nominates someone, they say yes/no, we vote.

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We tried this before somewhere and the outcome was Xy being promoted to whatever his position is now, nothing else

Granted that was much closer to the last disaster

I’m not throwing shade here but those kinds of things are definitely ones that would need to be worked out before even considering being a “mod” or something