Stuttering on VSS from a stop

So I just finished a rebuild on my board, and I’m having a hell of a time with VSS on a MakerX Go-Foc D60. Have a pair of Reacher 6384 V5’s and for whatever reason, the hall sensors don’t seem to work in them, or else my ESC’s both don’t read any of the halls. Aside from that, honestly I like the idea of HFI better anyway. My only problem is that when starting from a stop, the motors chug, stutter, and stall out. Are there tuning parameters I can set to help improve that? I assume it’s something like duty cycle or current output that needs to be bumped for better zero-speed startup. If anyone has suggestions I’d love to find a way to make my board easier to start up.

Those motors seem to work really well on HFI if they’re the 205Kv ones.

Try doing this.

the reacher motor halls may run on a different voltage then what your vesc outputs, either 3.3v or 5v.
your vesc may have a voltage switch

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nah for this setup they should run right out of the box


VSS is still not going to be as guaranteed as actual hall sensors will be

I’m on VSS with 205KV motors; Still confusing why the hall sensors just plain don’t work at all.

VSS works flawlessly once the motors have turned even a slight bit, but the direction of rotation isn’t clear to the controller until then; keep in mind the ESC’s I’m using don’t have phase filter hardware so this doesn’t help…

Hall sensors issues on v5 reachers is a known problem. Sorry you’re dealing with that. It sucks but there isn’t anything you can do about it AFAIK.

Try running HFI instead of vss. Lower the first default setting in HFI settings from 20v to 18v.

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Just upgraded to 6.00 firmware; one hall sensor detects now; the other doesn’t. Either way, this also gives me access to the new HFI modes and when I use 45 degree “silent” mode it works seamlessly just like it does with halls; I no longer care.


Once the motors have turned even a slight bit, you don’t need sensors or HFI/VSS. So, this is the same as it not working at all.

The good news is that for me, those motors seem to work well on HFI (for me).

Any idea what the thread on that is? Not seeing anything on the forum so far

It’s word on the street. I don’t think there is a thread about it but a few people have mentioned it to me.

You might try running FOC motor detection with Freesk8 instead of vesc tool. Vesc tool was giving me all sorts of detection/sensor issues. Freesk8 was seamless - no more issues.

Is silent HFI really as good as hall sensors?

Not absolutely perfect, but I’ve had two stutters in 50 stops, and I have SIGNIFICANT 0-RPM torque now.