Street & Skate Park Electric Skateboarding

Hello, Everyone

I’m Null and would like to see how many of us use our boards to grind and slide etc in skateparks
and the streets. I believe this topic could be used to help show what can be done to create a board
that is made for extreme park riding. As well as maybe share tips on how not to eat concrete.

*If this Topic was already created then sorry for the re-post and if this is in the wrong area please help *
me to put this in the right one. Im still new to these forums so any help is appreciated.




Every board around here is like a work of art. No one wants to scratch a £100 enclosure.
What you find here is go fast on street or go fast on dirt. Electric skateboards and skateparks is like a niche of a already niche hobby


Brett Lorenzo is an OG electric shredder


I kinda do it all, park, street, downhill, push etc.
Just don’t see many grinding and sliding, thought it be a neat topic.
Also Id like to see more than myself grinding. XD


This dude also shreds


And our man @rich also has some sweet park footage :ok_hand:


This is awesome! I swear when I search, all I find is people trying boosted boards at skateparks.
Thats not exactly what I mean when I search for electric skateboarding in skateparks etc.


I sub to his youtube. He needs to post more. XD
Im hyped when he uploads, makes me want to get out an shred after watching him do the
airs, 180’s, etc.

Great let workout :wink:


Welcome :beers:

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Duuuude! :metal:
That’s the sickest e-mtb video in skate park I’ve ever seen., just watched it several times.
That’s the first time I see someone grinding, so rad!

For those lazy guys who don’t click the link in OP here the video of @NullBlox

My motors are very close to the hanger so I’m afraid to slide on the trucks like you. Did you slide on a rail with the middle of the deck already? I’m tempted to try it it but am afraid it could hurt. I have no sliding/grinding experience at all.

Meanwhile I made progress but here some footage of skate park from last year

and 3 months ago


Dude, no jokes your videos inspired me a ton! Ive seen these but watched them again!
Yes I can and have done board slides on them. The red board in the video has pack bolted on.
That one sees the board slides, the green one Ive not decided on the mounting. So refrain from the slides. I’ll post a video soon of some board slides for proof as well as fun! I come from over 10+ years of push boarding the streets. So aside from the weight in the boards, I think we all can go pretty HAM!

My mounts are Janux and allow me to put them almost against the tail, keeping the motors up for
grinds like 5/0 and 50/50. The goal is to learn most of my push board tricks aside from kick flips etc
on the E-MBS board. Its becoming a new addiction to be honest. I wake up and now dream of that hubba ledge and things I can do onto and off it.


Great video Zach! Post up the one of you attempting to finger flip out of the bowl you sent me! :slightly_smiling_face:

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awesome dude.
I wish i had not been castrated by age and being fat and would take my mountain board to the park.

i keep thinking about it. maybe this is the push i need.


Nice videos man! Where you located @NullBlox?

Well the finger flip was a fail that bent my x-bars.
Hammer fixed it but the flip was not so intended.
I’ll make a fails comp eventually. I have a few clips of me pretty much landing on the mounts.
Its one of those, YES and NO moments!

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Im 34 now, So Im not sure the age is really an issue.
Side note: My friend is pushing a bit over 50 and still rides the half pipes with me on push boards.

These MBS decks and Trampa decks are built to hold the weight, at least from my experience.
They have 2-3 more ply’s from the standard 7 layer push deck.

I feared breaking the middle on board slides but thats yet to happen.
Im sure it can and eventually will if I don’t keep check on my shit.

Start mellow and go as big as you feel you can!
Skateboarding is about pushing your own limits no matter how big or small.
When you land what ever you are going after, we will all be here to cheer on your accomplishments!
At least thats how the locals and such at my parks roll.


Located in Missouri, pretty much back roads and trees. XD


No worries, I travel around a bit and like to find new places to skate it up. I’m in Ohio so just across 70 from you probably

You are in Missouri?

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