Strange noises from the motors ... any idea?

Hey Guys,

So I got my setup up and running, all was sweet. But - when running on cracky roads and pavements I noticed a strange coughing clicking noises coming from the board, I couldn’t recognize the source. So I took everything apart to try and find the root cause.
It all came to the motors eventually. But when saying motors - it means when they are even not connected, i.e. a strange echo from the cans or so, not sure what’s causing this.
These are Maytech 5065 motors, no loose magnets or anything inside , I tried 5 different motors. All are maytechs 5065, all gave the same results. Everything except the noises is working fine and the motors are fine. Also, everything is tight and in it’s place.
Running with just the motor mounts without motors makes no strange noise.
I have other boards with street wheels as well and do not have this issue.

This is how my test looks like.

Link to a video recording: Clicking annoying noises

Then pushing manually over cracky roads or pavements.

It’s not a deal breaker on this build, however, it drives me crazy.
Anyone got an idea what can cause this ?


Found the root cause: the motor cans.

Doing this with isolation electric tape on the cans and taking out the belts, pushing manually, everything is silent as hell, without the tape, pushing manually (without any electricity), makes this ugly noise.

Now that being said, any ****reaking idea of how to solve this crap? These are brand new Maytechs and they are working just fine, I tested 5 different motors, all suffer from the same phenomenon.

Solved finally - really stressed my OCD here … :slight_smile:

@rich you were right in your senses ! Eventually there was a tiny space between the can and the baseplate of the motor, putting a shim between the pulley and the mount, made the can stick into the baseplate preventing these tiny movements which lead to silent smooth drive :slight_smile:



Can you shoot a video with the noises? That would help.

So the clicking noises are there even with just the motors mounted withoult belt?
The only thing i could think of are loose cans e.g. not enough washers between motor bearing and circlip or shifted shafts (but not with new motors). You can check this by trying to move the can. Pull and push it and see if there is some play. Then you can slap the motor with 1-3 fingers at the can on different parts (also the end) and hear if there are clicking noises.

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That’s correct, noises are even without belts. Just the motor connected to the mounts like shown in the pic.
I will try to get a video of the noises, even though it may be little bit difficult but I will try.
Motors are new, no shifts, no cans are in loose. It’s something really weird … I slaped on the them but everything inside looks in it’s place.

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See below: Clicking annoying noises, and the update regarding the cans.

loose nut on the board?

I know it sounds like, but all is tight and in place.
I’m going nuts :frowning:

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that’s what I meant!


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pick up your board… turn it facing the bottom of the deck…wheel side, and shake the living fukk out of it, look and listen…

I did, nothing. I also took every single thing apart. It’s somehow the interface between the motors and the mounts …

do you have sk3 motors?

Sadly nope. But now i’m considering buying in order to test, because of this :confused:

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Have a look on my update above please if u got any idea … :slight_smile: