Stormcore 60D - 2 month Stress Test

Thought I would leave some feedback on the Stormcore 60D; having pushed it to the absolute limits in regards to voltages and some other settings… Well might be helpful to whomever was pondering some tweaks to theirs.

Boosted Rev
15S3P Molicel P42A
Stormcore 60D *usually run the 100D in a 18S3P, but am waiting for the next supply run soon here.
Magura Hydraulic Brakes MT5E

Each motor given Max 100 Amps & -60 Brakes. Max 50 Battery Amps & -30 for the brakes.

Kicked the duty cycle up to 99% and dropped the brake battery thermal backup from 15% to 5%

The hard limit of the DRV in the 60D is on paper a hard 65V. I skirt this by 1) charging the cells to 4.1V for a total pack voltage of 61.5v. 2) I only use the manual brakes for the first 5 or so minutes then tie in the brakes with some manual.

I’ve run this setup every day for at least two charge cycles per day. I ride it hard always it seems like. Never once had a fault or issue. It feels like the hand of God pushing your backside when you punch it. This equals probably 40 miles 6 or 7 days a week for 2 months.

I should add that I used the 5.1 FW “No limits” to get around the over voltage cutoff max limit I think of 59v.

I have not used any additional thermal cooling other then the already in place air cooling vents throughout the scooters battery compartment.


This is very interesting! Living on the edge.

This is super useful information, thank you for sharing this.


Any telemetry info on the highest duty cycle you’ve actually hit? How about esc temps?


15s on the 60D god damn okay I see you


Yoooo?! What on earth :eyes::exploding_head:


Is it still running well? I’ve been spooked by the stormcore since I hear a lot of issues lacroix had with their stormcores cutting out.

What you don’t push waaaay more than rated volts into things from time to time? :joy::joy::joy::man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

Pretty sure they cut that out.

Yeah I am suuuper curious about this lol

i want an update on this one


whats going on with this ESC? Did it blow up yet?

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