Stockster4’s esk8 build

What style of riding do you prefer? Do you like to carve a lot? Hit high speeds? Do you like dropped decks? What style of trucks do you want to use?

This is like half of the questions to consider when choosing a deck.

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Total budget is around 600 ish. Use case is street riding and short errands/commutes.

I generally prefer cruising. Top speed? Maybe 25, but I will be going 18 ish most of the time. I am thinking caliber 2 trucks.

Caliber 2 trucks are prone to bending, and motor mounts slip on them because the metal is soft / not precise. Better to get some CNC trucks for esk8. Look into Boardnamics, he has cheap options which are amazing value for money.

Personally if I were you I would try to look for a deal on a deck + enclosure combo from someone, possibly used. That way your first build won’t be burdened by trying to find a matching yet strong enclosure for whatever other deck you find.


I will definitely check those out!

What is a good place to look for that?

Try the search bar

This forum (under the parts for sale category), facebook marketplace, also there’s a telegram group

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I’ll give this stuff a look. I don’t think I need a super heavy duty enclosure because I am probably just going to have a vesc and 2 5ah 5s lipo’s.


I could just go with a good ol Tupperware for the encosure.

Honestly at that budget you might have to. And if it’s just 2 lipos and an ESC it’ll work well I think :upside_down_face:

If you could try to budget 1/3rd for deck + enclosure, 1/3rd for drivetrain, 1/3rd for electronics + battery, that would probably be the best result.

My thoughts exactly. I could go with a maple deck of Amazon. Then maybe this would be the Amazon special build. Haha

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Some good advice (which you might have already seen, but just in case):


Enclosure Tupperware
drivetrain- need advice
Trucks - undecided
Motor mount- need advice
wheels- need advice
Remote- undecided

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Feel free to critique this!

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If you want cheap the cheapest is hub motors, but the best balance between cost and performance and modularity is belt drives followed closely by chain drives

The cheapest and most reliable remote right now is the mini remote 2.4ghz, the most popular remote is the Hoyt Puck.

Motor mount and wheels heavily depend on your drivetrain choice.

Deck is okay I guess. Bit expensive for what it is I think, but it’s got good reviews, so maybe I’m wrong.

Need someone else to weigh in on the battery choice, I’m not an expert when it comes to lipos. A known brand would make me feel more comfortable about it.

I recommend MakerX for a cheap but reliable ESC. Worst case if that’s not cheap enough I’ve seen that flipsky ESC on sale for 20$ on ebay before :laughing: A used focbox or Torqueboards ESC would also be decent choices.

I assume you’ll be sticking to single drive for budget reasons. That motor is a good choice.

Drivetrain: Assuming you want to build a belt drive board which has some kick to it, get Boardnamics trucks (width depends on the wheel size you choose), pulley, mount. But the hub motor recommendation is also good.

Wheels: I assume you’ll want urethane for maximum range. I would definitely try to buy some used Popocas or Flywheels off someone. If you have to buy new, then Orangutang Caguamas.


I would avoid a VESC 4.12, especially for $100. That’s pretty expensive for what is really a $50 controller. It’s the first generation of VESC controllers, and they have come a long way since then.

IMO you’d be better off with a FOC 75100 off AliExpress

It’s a 20s controller without a DRV chip so it would be pretty reliable at 10s for the same price. You will have to solder bullets for the motor and a battery connector on.

Even two of those would be cheaper than most dual controllers

This is your best bet for cost. Includes motor mounts, motors, and pulleys. Even if you decide to go with a single drive the whole thing costs less than that flipsky motor

You can 3d print the wheel pulleys. Lots of options on Thingiverse

A mini remote with a 3d printed case

These can turn out pretty well


Dead flat pintail deck would not be the way I would go.

With your budget in mind, mini remote is the answer.

US $19.28 28%OFF | 2.4Ghz Mini Remote Controller Receiver for Electric Skateboard Longboard,Black

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