Stockster4’s esk8 build

I have decided to start building a esk8. Here are my first of many questions,

What deck should I use for a cheap build? I am thinking either a longboard or a pintail.

What should I name it (pg names, nothing you wouldn’t say to a 10 year old)?

I am thinking maybe “Cheap-Skate”


Search will get you far.

But I’d start my deck search at skateshred.


Longboard is very generic, and pintail are longboards !
What you need to choose first is indeed the deck, but in relation with which enclosure is available with this deck


What is your total budget / intended use case? Different decks are good at different things :slight_smile:

What style of riding do you prefer? Do you like to carve a lot? Hit high speeds? Do you like dropped decks? What style of trucks do you want to use?

This is like half of the questions to consider when choosing a deck.

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Total budget is around 600 ish. Use case is street riding and short errands/commutes.

I generally prefer cruising. Top speed? Maybe 25, but I will be going 18 ish most of the time. I am thinking caliber 2 trucks.

Caliber 2 trucks are prone to bending, and motor mounts slip on them because the metal is soft / not precise. Better to get some CNC trucks for esk8. Look into Boardnamics, he has cheap options which are amazing value for money.

Personally if I were you I would try to look for a deal on a deck + enclosure combo from someone, possibly used. That way your first build won’t be burdened by trying to find a matching yet strong enclosure for whatever other deck you find.


I will definitely check those out!

What is a good place to look for that?

Try the search bar

This forum (under the parts for sale category), facebook marketplace, also there’s a telegram group

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I’ll give this stuff a look. I don’t think I need a super heavy duty enclosure because I am probably just going to have a vesc and 2 5ah 5s lipo’s.


I could just go with a good ol Tupperware for the encosure.

Honestly at that budget you might have to. And if it’s just 2 lipos and an ESC it’ll work well I think :upside_down_face:

If you could try to budget 1/3rd for deck + enclosure, 1/3rd for drivetrain, 1/3rd for electronics + battery, that would probably be the best result.

My thoughts exactly. I could go with a maple deck of Amazon. Then maybe this would be the Amazon special build. Haha

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Some good advice (which you might have already seen, but just in case):


Enclosure Tupperware
drivetrain- need advice
Trucks - undecided
Motor mount- need advice
wheels- need advice
Remote- undecided

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Feel free to critique this!

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