Sticking a Tile or AirTag or Galaxy SmartTag in your board

Seems like cheap insurance in case your board goes walkabout.

Anyone done this?

I don’t have an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy (I have a Google Pixel) so from what I’m reading Tile is my only option.


tile would be optimal either way in case you change phones at some point. ive seen 3d printed risers that can hold them somewhere on here, but i personally think youd be better off having it hidden inside the enclosure.


I have a smart tag with no use right now, I’ll probably put it in my commuter board when I do that

Only thing I can think is that the electronics might reduce the range of it? No idea, haven’t tested

It has definitely crossed my mind though

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I don’t think the robogotchi does what a tile/tag does…
A tile is on all the time and pinging off other people’s tiles/tags or phones so you can use an app to see where it is whenever it passes another tile.


I have a 3D printed riser in my board which used to house a tile, and when air tags came out I just swapped it. Works like a charm.


thats great, unless someone who knows skateboards nabs it. i used to know a guy who made his living stealing bicycles en masse, mixing the parts, and reselling. he woulda found that thing in 15 minutes or less, and tossed it in a balloon, then the canal.

This is a bit of a funny idea, but mby what you could do is model a riser with an inaccessible pocket (like in the dead center of the riser) the size of the tile (air tag ect.) in it then, print it half way, drop the tag in, and let the printer fully encase it inside the plastic. Of course you couldn’t access the thing either in that case, but it wouldn’t be impossible to get at it - you’d just have to reprint the riser if you needed to access the tag for whatever reason


Good luck mixing up and reselling the parts on our boards… almost nothing is standard and parts are custom enough to be easily recognized a good percentage of the time. I was happy with the tile actually, it’s just the air tag updates faster and more often. By the time a robber takes apart the trucks and figures out that I’ve even stashed the tag in a riser (taking apart the trucks is the only way to access it), I guarantee you I will be at their door with the cops and enough rage to set off a nuke.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I treat my board like car gurus do their favorite car. It’s a little different than a standard bike when you’ve spent years perfecting the setup and you’ve got sentimental ties.


Unsurprisingly, he’s in jail now xD


We’re toying with a similar idea as a compliment to our rear cable management riser. The thought right now is to have a small, probably TPU, sleeve that the different types of tags would fit into, then the sleeve would go into a cavity in the riser. The riser and trucks would then be attached with security screws. So you could still access it when needed, but most others would have some trouble, or at least be slowed down.


Name of the game is slowing down

I highly doubt that the RF/Bluetooth signal would get through a metal plate or riser though

Honestly, I think the best spot for it is wherever you put your receiver. Not sure how much power these things draw, but a buck converter could make sure if the board turns on so does the tile, right?

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They don’t plug into power really they run on coin cell batteries with a life of a couple months or something like that

Claims “up to 2-Year Battery Life”

I’d want it to stay on regardless of board power. If turning off the board disables any tracking, we haven’t really slowed them down at all. That’s one thing that makes the cheap Tiles and Airtags pretty appealing.

Yeah you very well might be right. I might have to get one and test what it can and can’t get through. That would be interesting to learn on its own.

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Lol I just meant purely to keep it charged. I’ve never used on, and didn’t understand that they don’t need to be.

Got it. Man these things are tinier than I thought: