Stickerbomb B/W - First build LY Evo 40- Dual 6374 - Psychotiller Evo enc - 12s4p 40t

Painted and stained the deck. Symmetry wise I just eyeballed it :raised_hands:t3:


Redid the deck while waiting for the battery.
Stickerbombed and Glass frit the LY Evo.
This was really helpful and worth a read Forget the grip use Glass Frit
No trial run I just went for it and it came out nice :+1:
Medium frit and 3 thick coats of Spar urethane.


Really cool look you’ve got here. What sticker pack did you use for this?
also, well dont on the Frit, I’d say it couldnt have gone better for a first go

Got this stickers at Amazon


Nice. Another stickerbomb deck. Let me know how yours holds up. Looks great.


Added another thick coat just to be sure :sweat_smile:. Hope it holds up.
Your deck build popped when I was googling Stickerbombed deck. So it’s more of a copy and inspiration of yours but in b/w. :+1:

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Finally got the battery from @thisguyhere awesome work btw and put everything together in the enclosure. Barely fit everything in the Psychotiller Evo enc had to mount the bms on top and a step down converter on top of esc. No room to play around is heat gonna be an issue :unamused:


All done went for test drive too much for me :sweat_smile:.

Speed wobbles with riptide soft cone bushings almost ate ground 140lbs. :dizzy_face:


THat’s one of the more beautiful builds I’ve seen. Love the stickerbomb and frit with the black and white. What speed are you getting wobbles at?

@whaddys 15mph+ specially when I let go of the throttle the drag make it wobble.
Haven’t ridden in long time it’s probably why. Just need to get used to it. I got some flatland 3d hard bushing to try.

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That’s way too low of a speed to get wobbles at, ESPECIALLY on an Evo. Something’s definitely wrong; you’re not riding backwards, are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Try the hard bushings in the back for sure.


Hi, could you share some info on your license plate lights? I would like something like this for my build as well :smiley:

Can u tell me where u got the bull bar?