Stickerbomb #f**kpushing fwd 33inch muirskate build

So this started with a deck from

I stickerbombed it and sent it off to @sender to get epoxy and frit. We’ll see how long it holds up. Epoxy kinda needs to soak into the wood of the deck and stickers don’t really help that… But it looks sick atm so let’s build.

Tossed the red and black surfrodz tkp trucks with @psychotiller mounts. Its getting 6355 or 6369 maytech motors on THE FRONT on a riptide tunnel riser and an adjustable baseplate in the rear. Turns out fixed baseplate + tunnel riser and adjustable baseplate no riser is almost the exact same height! Ment to be lol

I guess this is as good a time as any to explain why I wanted to do a front wheel drive build.
Well when it comes to shorter kicktail decks your enclosure space is very limited as it is. Mounting your Motors underneath the kicktail kind of defeats the purpose of a kicktail and mounting them forward on the rear truck takes up valuable space.

For vesc we’re running dual focboxes with a heatsink from @akhlut

Enclosure… i have no idea. I’ve tried two so far. Got one to kinda fit. But dosen’t have the room for the # of cells i want.

Battery, I’m shooting for 50-60 cells.

Remote im going with mini trigger again simply because its what i got.

Gonna run these 107mm abec 11s with bkb 40t press fit pulleys.
Kinda wanna go venom magnu wheels on here at some point but this is what i got.

Broken motor pulley footstop.



I’m wondering if that split enclosure I have would fit this @Skunk.

You could always trim down the split part in the middle to make it fit!

I’ll take some measurements when i get home and let you know all the dimensions.

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You might be able to use a thick gasket to raise the enclosure to make enough space for 21700 cells; then you wouldn’t need as many for your desired power / capacity.


Problem is i already have 66 30q cells. Currently working with what i got or can trade for. My esk8 funds have been cut off lol


What battery are you planning ? 11S6P ?
the enclosure you show is kinda chonky, like big and kinda awkward… Like it doesn’t really fit with such cool board, and trucks

Like having a cool sport car with a Fiat Multipla hood : it does the job but it looks odd

Yeah… but unfortunately nobody makes enclosures that meet my needs. Not much options for short decks in general. This enclosure won’t even work. Shooting for 12s5p.

I have a 12s2p i might just toss on here.

Then there is a 37 inch version of this deck that i can get 60 cells on easier.


Maybe ask @Psychotiller if he could make a custom one?..

Lol i wish. He’s a busy guy tho. And im stupid broke. Building with what i got on hand or can trade things for. Ill probably end up having to make my enclosure or do less cells


Card board boxes also work :blush: (not from experience at all :no_mouth: )


Ive got kydex and abs cement if it comes down to it.

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Dude, just use the 12s2p. Enjoy how light and breezy it is to commute with. You likely won’t be ripping ass with such a short deck. You’d be amazed how long that battery would last. Put a psycho coupe on er and call it fin. I love the sticker job and frit. Also cool idea to do fwd. Nice build so far my dude.

I currently commute on a short deck (push non esk8)
Ive always preferred shorter decks. Even most my longboards have typically been on the short side (36 or under)

I’ve got 30inch deck im working on too that the 12s2p was supposed to go on.


YEAZZZ, been waiting to see this build!

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Ahhhh, that makes more sense. But 50-60 cells? Why tho?
Minus the Haya. Ha


I was able to kill my 12s4p fairly fast. I might just go 10s5p and use the leftover cells to trun this 12s2p into a 12s3p.

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So already change of plans.

I’m putting the 12s2p on here. Looks like i worked out a trade with my landyachtz osteon for the 37inche version of this 33.
So im gonna try and fit the 50-60 cells on it.
This will get the 6355 sealed maytechs (unless someone wants to trade for unsealed 6355s lol )ill use the 6369 on the bigger board.

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You must not know @Skunk. He rips ass everywhere he goes…even when not on an esk8


Solid controversial joke. Underrated

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At least you appreciated it, thats what truly matters.

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