Stickerbomb B/W - First build LY Evo 40- Dual 6374 - Psychotiller Evo enc - 12s4p 40t

Hey all first time building an esk8 did some research a bit so I went ahead and bought a kit from seeing everything are mostly plug n play I assumed :sweat_smile:
Still waiting for majority of the parts for the build.

First build

Deck: Landyachtz Evo falcon 40

Enclosure: Psychotiller evo

Battery: 12s4p 40t

Trucks/mounts/pulleys: Torqueboards 218mm dual drive kit with Riptide Krank 84a cone/cannon bushings.

Wheels: 160mm Torqueboards AT kit - Reds Bones bearings

Motors: Reverse mounted Dual Torqueboards 6374 192kv

Esc: 2x Torqueboards esc with Hoyt Midnight pick with receiver

Lights: Oricycle bike tail light GoPro mounted

*Not sure what else I’m missing here

Additional parts and stuff that was missing from the order. Great customer service by Dexter here :call_me_hand:


Got the Midnight Puck from Hoyt St

Finally have the time to put the motors to the truck.

Still waiting for the deck,enclosures and battery

Change of plans
Here’s how it looks like currently

Got the Psychotiller Evo enclosure from 370HSSV

Painted and stained the deck

Painted white Stickerbombed and Glass frit

Battery done

Test drive

License plate lights + buck converter


Please tell me this is gonna have a top zelda skin with white background. Gonna be dope. What paint did u use plasti Matt? How did just paint the lettering so intricate


Good start, quality gear makes the building process a lot easier & the finished product a ton more fun.


Love Zelda but it’s just gonna be a black n white theme with a hint of gold and red. Spray painted the letters white then just sanded it down lightly leaving the bottom white, you can still see the tiny scratches from the flash.

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You gonna do white top with black gold and red glass frit?

Just a simple black honeycomb grip tape

Good thinking going with Tb, you know its reputable, its products are great and the customer support is excellent. I too bought a kit from Tb and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Change of plan. Opened up my brand new deck LY Evo that I was gonna sell :sweat_smile: went ahead and put them shoes on. Currently the battery being is built going from 12s4p 30q to 40t.
Anyone have pic of a LY Evo Falcon 40 without grip tape just raw maple? I was planning on raw look with clear grip tape.

Had to lower down the motor mount/motor as it was hitting the deck when I lean.


Got the Psychotiller Evo enclosure from @370HSSV very fast shipping.
Got it mounted with m4 bolts/wood inserts and epoxy.
This is first time and I have no exp in mounting an enc f#cked and stripped on the first wood insert 🤷.

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Can’t you replace the insert?

@Tamatoa It’s stuck in there but it’s all good. I can still put the bolt in it.


Here is my woodworking rule #1. If you can’t fix it… cover\hide it.

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I did the same thing my first time installing inserts too :sweat_smile:
Now I install them using a bolt already screwed in.


And that works better in your experience with the depicted inserts? Why?

Same over here :wink:

Since those bolts are a lot harder to strip I can apply a lot more force


Interesting. That did not work for me either. I have some M5 inserts (very similar if not identical to the ones you depicted) for which I had to drill size 10 (don’t know the unity for that?) holes. Using a massive screwdriver I was then finally able to screw those inserts in the deck. However, very few I got straight and even less of the inserts position matched up with the holes that I had drilled previously into the enclosure. Thus, I had to significantly increase the diameter of the holes in the enclosure or even drill entirely new ones again later.

Edit: Overlooked that you actually also have the nuts on the bolt … so you are actually using those nuts rather than the bolt to screw the inserts in?

Those nuts are just spacers cause my bolts are too long. Lining up the holes and getting them straight are a whole other thing. The holes on my enclosure are extra wide but I use washers to remedy that.

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Think I am going to try this technique shown below next time (sorry for the shitty quality - this is a screen shot taken from a german YouTube video in 240p from 2010)

However, I found it really difficult to get those threaded inserts straight on the board, so perhaps this may help?


Was hard trying to put it in first time cuz I was using a small drill bit. Stripped like 2-3 m4 heads so I went for a slightly big drill bit, it helps alot on installing the inserts plus epoxy.