🏁 SRB Esc Approach 🏁

I had the same thought and seemed delta had more teeth being magnetized but don’t think it’s the case. Similarly an LRK or single layer winding with half the teeth left unwound are still part of the magnetic circuit. In fact the LRK winding with half the teeth wound has the highest winding factor or efficiency of the magnetic circuit. It’s like two percent better

Emetor motor design software is free and will produce magnetic circuit footage you can see.

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Did you get any info from tppower regarding the sensor wire
Is anybody running a tppower sensored xlx2 setup currently?

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Not yet. I’ll ping them again. Communication has been through FB Messenger so they have usually been quick to reply but usually only after checking with the factory (China). I previously tried communicating directly with the Chinese office but they were even slower to respond and the communication was difficult.


They just replied and said they would check with the factory.

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OK more info on this. TP Power USA got back to me (on behalf of the factory) and said that by default they will only install a hall sensor but they can also install a temp sensor if they are provided with the details. It would be easy for them to source an NTC 10K thermistor. Worst case, it’s not too hard to do the install yourself but if they are installing hall sensors they might as well install a temp sensor too.


Ok i see
So i guess ill get mine with the hall sensors only but ill let you know as soon as i got them.

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15kw (20hp) 70/125 560kv inrunner 12s 60mph single. Putting the hobbywing max 4 through the ringer.
Hill test went well. Will see how it does in short track testing. Fingers crossed.


This looks amazing. Any more information? How does it feel to ride compared to a V5? The narrow track width must change the feel considerably. And then the power difference? Is there much?

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Jeff Cameron still in discovery mode… the punch control so far dials in what you want and very nicely. Stability is very good and coming off turn throttle has a point and shoot feel to it. Lots here still to test. Very hopefull.


Gotta say this max4 motor/esc combo performed flawles all day. We ran both on 8s and 12s with some the top riders in the country. Our top esc temp at 136F and top motor temp at 156f. We put approximately 1400 watt hr of intence short track sessions through it.
Acceleration and braking was excellent leaving nothing to want over our dual 12kw setup.
Pretty dang impressive for a single motor.

Looking fwd to moving fwd with this. We will be putting the single motor dual drive 15kw setup on the V-5 chassis and testing the limitations and benefits of the locked rear in comparison to our current open dual motor setup…


Survival of the fittest and fastest continues. Darwin would be stoked!


I see that motor is 4 pole, what’s the maximum number of poles this ESC supports? Have you tried lower KV motors?

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This guy wants to push 2 cars now


Couldn’t say.


SINGLE Dual Drive V-5 testing. Guys are calling it β€œThe soup Can” This motor esc combo keeps showing promose with low temps, high output and reliability. The locked rear with the narrow track is proving viable as per feedback and lap times. Looking very promising.

β€œMoe B Biggs on Instagram: "@mario_ridez @red_beard_torgo @yogajitsu @fessyfoo @r.u.xx on the 20hp 15000 watt S/D (single motor dual drive)V-5 #intro2speed #stoogeraceboards"”


70/125 560kv 30kw potential
Sensored inrunner
Has the search for low low operating temps and sustained reliability ended. It looks very likely.


Heyo guys,

Im running the dual xlx2/800kv setup. ive spliced and wired my Hoyt receiver in.

everything seems to be running correctly. except both motors are running forward. but ive realised I need one running backwards due to the direction of mounting.

if I disconnect the forward running esc and calbrate to run reverse ( turn on, hold backwards on remote, ect. ) will this work? or will they run at different speeds due to remote calibration issues?


You’re probably better off changing the order of the phase wires. That should reverse the direction of the motor.


Ive done that for the moment. Once i get the castle link bluetooth programer thing i should be able to switch the ESC to reverse from start. And should manage fine! Hopefully.


With Sensored 2028 motors on the xlx2 esc you will need to program your motor to running reverse rotation.