Spud build upgrade, i'm going FOC ! (Help needed)

Hi guys, I have a question on my future upgrade.

Initial Build:
Diyeboard dual belt drive

Enclosure: 3DPrinted Thingiverse

Update 1:

With this configuration, this build can ride any hill, i’m very happy with it.

However, Since i tested in on my MTB, i want to go FOC on this one, and have a better range (currently ~12km)

Update 2:

  • Flispky VX1

Man this remote is nice

Update 3 (Pending):
Vesc 4.2 -> 6.6
6S -> 8S
5055 270Kv -> 6354S 190Kv

I’m going with a 6.6 dual plus from FlipSky for size mainly.
And flipsky 6354S for torque

My main question is about the new battery and FOC.
With the current 2x3s Lipo I currently have 130Wh, Continuous 145A, Vesc at Batmax 40Ax2

I’m thinking of a 8s2p Battery with Samsung 21700 40T
This will be a 230Wh, Continuous 60A Battery, Vesc BatMax 30Ax2

However, since new motors are much lower Kv, and battery is 8s, I think I will have more or the same torque as now, in FOC mode, Am I right ?

I don’t want to lose any torque as I have big steep hills in my city :confused:

Thanks !


Hey dude.

Firstly, very nice build.

Second - great work on that enclosure and it’s awesome that you shared the files!

You will have slightly reduced top speed with the new configuration but slightly more torque than you do now. Looking forward to seeing the updates! Also yes, I also love the VX1 - great remote.


Thanks !

More torque = happy me !

i’m currently searching for a good dual motor mount, unikboard do not sell their dual mount anymore :frowning:

i have a lot of options anyway :slight_smile: Probably will go to torqueboard ones

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I have gone the same route and went from 8s 270kv to 8s 190kv on 15:36. The torque was much better.

I then ditched the 8s and went for 10s with 12:36 with idlers for slipping. The difference was waaaaayyy beyond the 8s setups.

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I have been using a Meepo ER battery, which is 10s2P with 40T cells. And it has been pretty decent.

I am running it on flipsky 4.20 plus.
flipsky 6354 190kV motors.
14/36 on the blue caguamas.

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also these mounts are awesome

but they only work on painted Caliber II
i had those same blue ones and they were loose.

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I think it can be fixed with tape ^^ thanks i’ll order a set

Thanks ! Okay so let’s build a battery from 21700 cells :smiley:

Battery building time !

Step 1: Choose a battery layout
I want it to be the most flat possible, and it can not be more than 16cm wide as holes are already drilled in the deck, i’ve come with this layout with 3dprinted mock 21700

Step 2: Design cell safety isolator
I don’t want shorts, never, so the best idea I had was to design a part that will hold the 8s2p battery layout and have 2mm of plastic between every cells,

I also added 8mm spaces for the welded nickels strips.

This thing is 151mm long, 121mm width and only 40mm high

Step 3: To the printah !

More to come soon :slight_smile:

Edit: After looking at it for a long time, I think i can make it thinner


An alternative to tape, if the gap is the right size, is to cut a piece of a water bottle out and use that as a shim / spacer.

I did this from the flat part of one of those Aquafina bottles, you know, the center section, and cut out a little square to use on one of the enertion mounts. I couldn’t get it tight enough and it kept vibrating lose. I stuck this little piece of plastic between the mount and the truck and it hasn’t come loose since!

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