Spray Painting and Fritting a Deck

I’m painting a tayto this weekend and wondered if a few layers of clear coat would be enough for protection and to keep the shine, or should I add a thin layer of epoxy as well to seal it all in? If I do the epoxy I might as well frit it then and there.

Here it is about halfway through sanding last night. I have the backside taped up but didn’t get to painting since I forgot to buy clear coat. I’m also not sure the paint I got is the greatest, but we’ll see how it goes.

Ideally, use the same brand of primer/spray paint/clear coat.

You will need a primer first, which is a base coat before the paint. A couple coats of primer on both sides will do, lightly sand with 600 grit, and then spray the paint. Wait for the paint to dry for about 6~8 hours then spray the clear coat.

Wait a full 24 hours before applying grip tape/handling. Have fun!


Yah all I have is some cardboard to prevent over spray making a mess on the asphalt.

Gonna stick with primer, paint, and clear coat. If it wears away quickly I’ll re do it and add epoxy.

Spray paint is cheap and since I kind of know how to use it already from past projects so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I do want to try other methods of deck coloration in the future but for now I want to see how this easy method turns out and I’m not really looking to see wood grain with just a stain. Probably won’t be amazing but giving it my best shot.

I use several coats of brush on spar urethane.

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If you use urethane to do the clear coat, make sure to use water based!

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Seems a bit spotty but maybe it will improve as I add layers.

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I’ve decided I’m going to frit it with spar urethane and some iridescent medium frit that will somehow get here Sunday from amazon.


Water based urethane?? They make spar in oil or water based. Oil will yellow alot in the sun. I did a test piece with 3 different types of clear coats and that was the one that discolored the most.

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Yah water based. Lowes or home depot will have some I’m sure. Gotta get a brush too.


I got mine at HD. Lowes had some but it was all oil based.

Minwax pro makes a good one.

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Not quite as I expected but I dig the look. Looks the the surface of the moon, dang I think I just discovered a theme.


Looks like uneven layers. Did you prime first?

It did turn out cool though!

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Yep that is uneven layers and pressure. What I have used to get steady flow is this


I use it any time I spray something. I just used it when spraying this.


3 layers of primer, then sanded with 800 grit, then 4 or 5 coats of silver paint. I think I needed more primer.

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Funny. I just painted my spud with rattle cans… I expected it to be much easier than it was. I sanded it and actually started straight with the fluorescent orange… Horrible coverage. Then did a white+primer base and a can and a half of orange again. Then about .75 of a can of clear coat. I used mat finish and now grip tape is not sticking. I decided it was close enough and left it alone. When building I used a heat gun to shrink the shrink tubing for the bullet connectors and fucking took a big chunk of the paint off… If I ever try to paint a deck again will definitely be going a different route and try to do it right…


First layer of spar urethane is on and it’s pretty easy so far. Going to follow @Briman’s guide to a T. The water based spar I have is very non-viscous. I should be able to finish it up tonight and by the time my esc arrives it should harden up nicely. Just need an enclosure now.

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Here it is.