Spintend ubox...poor torque

Good day Boys…now Yesterday i burn out Two flipsky 75200, without test It…well…today i return to ubox.
3 mouths ago the problem was that i didn t have torque…so now i change motors with 2 3kw all sensor , and battery with bms…
Battery with 16s 9p 21700 Samsung 40t, and llt Power bms with 200 Amps continuos discharge …
So the battery could Easy give me 100 Amps to motor.
The thing that i don t understand Is why when i push the throttle the Amps outlet to battery Is Always 15-20 Amps…i would have all the 100 Amps in ramp up…
How could i do ? Now i post a video…


never had that issue
have you programmed it properly?

Why the gain Is under 50 per cent…with battery and configuration It Always be to 100 per cent…

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Please let us know all the settings you have input into the spintend esc.

Motor amps, battery amps, motor detection results, etc.

You will have your torque back!


I think so, It Is simple, i use the autodetected motors parameters…

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they arent great
they give really funny weird number
post your settings and we cna tell you what to change


How could i post the parameters ?with photo? Or is there a sort of TXT file?

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Ok, 5 min and i post It…in any case i think that the new battery It Is impossibile that i have Only 15 Amps in ramp up

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Side note are you doing this while the board is loaded? Or just on a bench/upside down?

Nono, the video that i post was during a ride…

There’s no way that amount of current would change the duty cycle that small of an amount if it wasn’t under heavy load. Must be with a rider on top.

On the bench, the duty cycle would shoot up to 95% right away.


Did you apply settings to ALL sides?
Can you film the same thing but in the next tab (one swipe down) to show combined values from both internal controllers?

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Yes, but i want that the rear motor works well…this Is a e-bike … so It could rides with Only a motor

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If this is an esk8, then “Duty Cycle Current Limit Start” needs to be dropped to 90%. But on an ebike, this is probably fine at 100%.

What motors are these? It’s hard to say without knowing what motors they are, but I feel like raising “Motor Current Max” to 88.5A will solve your problems.

You need to know the specs on your motor though, and I don’t. What make and model is the motor?

Is this a 15S battery?

Sorry, i don t understand…if i don t want current limit at start what value must i set?

I try to set 150 Amps to motor, but in any case when i start , the I current from battery Is Always 15/20amps…i would 50 amps when i push the throttle…Is this possible?

No 16s battery