Sourcing nickel strip [SRO]

Where is a good source for nickel strip? Especially the bigger stuff, 10mm wide.


take a look at nkon. :slight_smile:

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I just ordered some off Ali express and realised it had the word ‘plate’ in the description… the seller was recommended on ES so hopefully it’s alright.

Be sure to do the saltwater test. Cut a small piece off and put it in brine for a few days. There should be ZERO rust or corrosion if it’s actually pure nickel.

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I get my stuff from sunko and Amazon. Salt tests proved both pure nickle.

I would add here to not only cut a piece of nickel, also take a needle or knife and cut a bit into the surface to expose deeper layers.
If you add vinegar to the salt water it even faster shows if it’s pure nickel or not.


Yeah will definitely test it and post the results here

Both companies from China sent me pure nickel:

The problem with Chinese companies is that just because I had a good experience with my order, doesn’t mean they will also send pure nickel on your order…


Do you have hyperlinks? and seems I can’t find the Amazon one. It’s not in my orders anymore. Sunko sells strips and the Amazon guy sold large rolls of it. The roll was like $76.

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Also sunstone sells pre cut and strips of nickel at various widths.

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I had luck with this product. Passed the brine test. Recently ordered again and arrived in different packaging but appears to be same product.


Ok, so I received my nickel, super quick from China! (ordered 22nd June, received 3rd July in Australia)

Scratched it up and tested in salt water, all good!

EDIT: this is the supplier I mentioned earlier that was recommended on the ES forum.

EDIT 2: changed link


This link only gives me error 404

just fixed it

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What shipping option did you choose?

china post registered air mail… the free one

been using this from this person…still got a shit ton left…slowly but surely =)
if anybody needs a lil snip here and there HMU lol

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Wow, they even have 0.2mm x 10mm and 0.3mm x 8mm which is even bigger cross-section

If that arrived as pure nickel, that’s nice.