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Some open source antispark designs that work

Since I keep seeing this come up.

They both work. The first one is easier to assemble on PCB and I trust it a lot more by virtue of high side switching

The second one is easy to build on protoboard, no need for a PCB.

Both have been tested by members of the community, I can cite their testimony if someone wants.
There could still possibly be issues, if someone makes these and encounters one, please let me know.’

BY THE WAY. The first switch will fail with an output capacitance greater than 6,000uF.
The second one may need tuning with the precharge resistors if the quiescent current is too high.

Both require a latching pushbutton, I recommend this one from adafruit:

Some smart antisparks are on the way in the near future.


I’m not sure how easy or difficult it is but is a momentary switch an option/addition.

Having my brakes and acceleration dependant on a latching switch terrifies me.

Fair, but having software that maintains the switch’s “state” terrifies me a little too :slight_smile:

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At a minimum I believe that the on state should be the “relaxed” state of the switch so a spring isn’t constantly trying to turn the board off.

Or a rocker style switch that isn’t constantly trying to turn itself off would also be much less terrifying.

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Actually yes, rocker switch would be best.

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Any chance you extras of these you want to sell? If not, do you know what switching diode I should use to populate the high side switching switch (hehe) thats the only one I couldn’t really figure out.

Any 200V 5A diode, with maximum forward surge current higher than maximum battery current. use digikey’s search tool and pick one you like.

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Appreciate it, thanks

If I were to use this under 90A would I be on the right track? Diodes are really not my specialty but I’d be happy to share my BOM to update the original post so everything is in stock and all from mouser. Massive thank you for making this open source from schematic to gerber, I tried making my own antisparks and It costed me at least 3 VESCs (lmfao) so I’ll leave it to the pros.

Should be fine. It is basically there to protect the switching circuit if for whatever reason it turns off with load.

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God bless you, ill toss the components into a google docs list and toss them here tonight.