[SOLVED] Interrupting (not locking) brakes before standstill - Am I the only one?

I’m so tired of this problem and can’t solve it and ride safe especially downhill. Many of you reported about the locking brakes issue before standstill. My problem is exactly the opposite.

Before standstill (or earlier when braking downhill) the brake force is interrupted (0% brake) for some time. This happens randomly when applying the brake and more often when braking hard.

This problem exists on original Vesc6 and V4 clones no matter which motor or configuration. On my urban carver I got thrown off several times when riding downhill or needed to bail to avoid falling or hitting a car.

But on my MTB it’s even worse because of bindings, no way to bail so it often means falling. When braking hard and the brake force is suddenly gone it’s easy to lose balance. This can be survived with (ninja) moves on flat concrete but not easily when going downhill. Because of this problem I’m afraid of braking on steep hills. When the hill is steeper than the brakes can brake then the interruption of the brakes is way earlier and with more riding speed which often leads to a crash and like in my case to bloody knees and other pains. The interruption also happens when riding veeeery slow and braking on a steep incline.

FW 3.58

After updating to the latest FW 3.58 (from 3.38) I was hoping to get rid of the problem but it got even worse. Instead of a short interruption before standstill it’s longer now and sometimes two or three times, or 1 long interruption, shortly brakes then a short interruption, then brake again. Sometimes I can brake several times without issues and then suddenly a dual or triple interruption. It’s unpredictable and therefore even more dangerous.

BTW my brake is -40A and batt regen -15A. For science I increased the batt regen to -40A but that made no difference.

Made a short video with 5 examples for better understanding. The brake interruptions here are between 0.39 and 1.44 seconds. Forgive me for not shooting downhill falls due to interrupting brakes.

Any ideas?

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Hmm. Do you have any traction control enabled?

Second part, does it happen equally to each wheel?


Yes with traction control, both motors just cut off exactly for the same amount of time before standstill. Sometimes I hear a “click” when this happens.

Try and replicate with TC off. Eliminate one variable at a time.


Are you running “Current” mode? I’ve seen quite a lot talking about completely stopping on an incline by enabling current mode and setting the max reverse speed to 2/km/h. Absolutely got no idea how this could fix your problem, but maybe it’s worth a try?


Good idea, who knows.

No but that’s definitely worth a try!
The more I think about it the more it makes sense. In best case my interruptions are gone plus I can stop on a steep incline, sounds like a dream.

I’ve read that topic, thanks for the link!

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This is very odd. I always had the locking brakes issue on FOCBOX at like 1-2mph, maybe this is a different version of it. I was never able to figure out why it happened and still deal with it. Very annoying.

What firmware version has a max reverse speed setting?

I’m no expert with FOCBOX but the newest FW should solve this problem. I realize the jittering motors which sound like a baby fart before standstill but after the interruption.

Only possible to change on the VESC-Tool mobile app with modes (which I don’t have).

But the new FW 3.58 (VESC-Tool 1.16) has the “max ERPM for direction switch” setting plus reverse only after hitting the brake twice. At least in theory, gonna try it with no max reverse speed for now.

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Older version of vesc tool doesn’t have it. However, there is max reverse erpm.

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Max direction switch is not the same as max reverse erpm

Did you find the setting in VESC-Tool or you talk about the mobile app?

No, only in Vesc tool.

Mobile app or on computer?

I know but the older FW didn’t have this feature and go straight in reverse mode when holding the brake.

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Yes, It does. Well. Ackmaniac FW does. Edit: PC


You have to play with what erpm works for you. @rey8801 found out the best erpm for downhill was -2000. But that was for his DD. It will probably be different on yours since you have belt.

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with belt I thought you could even avoid it. Anyhow it’s more importan find the right motor min with it since it will throw you off otherwise.
My advice is to find the max reverse erpm that allows the motor to slowly spin reverse without clogging. Then set that value and play with motor min and throttle curve to get it right. I have been using for the bast 2 weeks and it’s awesome. My best trick is to stop at the traffic light, let the board goes a bit forward and call it back like it was connected. Just to look like a pro :laughing:


Niiiice didn’t know that, thanks for the hint. 2000 ERPM sounds good.

I have gears but what do you mean?

Good hint especially with bindings :laughing:
What’s the difference in your case. Would be interesting to know your motor min settings for both modes to get a feeling (Current vs Current no reverse with brakes).

At the end I kept the same I played with the brake throttle (-70A). -2000 erpm may works fine for me but on belt maybe you need a bit more, due to the belt drag.


Holy brakes batman. That’s a lot. How often do you go over 30mph? I have mine set to -55 and its a bit much. I could only assume you have a lot of hills in your area.

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