SOLD [WTS][US] IDEATB Motor Mounts

Hello, I have 2 sets of IdeaTB MBS ATS Motor Mounts and 2 ATS Trucks.
These are brand new and never been used. I have a ton of parts in my shop
and need to make room for new builds.

PRICE: $160.00 both with trucks or $80.00 for single and single truck.


Damn it I wish you were in EU :frowning: would have take one…

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Damn thats a good price :exploding_head:


These ATS trucks any good?

Ask @Venom121212


I have the 9.52 mm version and I love them , wide and precise but not the best off-road option

Not my favorite if I’m being honest. Ride really well until they snap underneath you. If you’re light and not riding offroad, go for it. The idea mounts are solid.


I snapped one too but my fault…I ran into a pole!



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good thing I’m fat as fuck

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its 130oz
I can ship from USA but you would have to cover shipping.
Im in USA, Missouri for a location to get rates.

I’ll buy them mate if you are happy to post to Australia

How many mm across and would are they a 55mm mount or 63mm

they take 6374’s

So your saying 6380s would be to big.

No it will take maybe a 90 or more in length tbh.

Here is my old ones, and or current ones. This is a 6374 setup I know you can go bigger.
They take a beating imo.

I mean I want them, but afraid of them breaking now that I went through this thread

makes sense, guess depends on weight and ride style. Ive grinned the hell out of mine. xD

Huh. I mean my quarantine weight is 180. My normal life weight is 170ish.

I mean I’d be off roading it for sure.