SOLD WTS Custom 12s5p Lacroix 'Autobiography' Prototipo

Subject: [US - Duluth, Minnesota] Custom 12s5p Lacroix ‘Autobiography’ Prototipo

Lacroix ‘Autobiography’ Prototipo, 331.5 miles on the odometer

Complete and ready to roll with a ton of spares!

  • Lacroix “Autobiography” Prototipo deck and carbon enclosure
  • 12s5p pack with NCR20700b cells
  • Focbox Unity on firmware 5.2
  • Flipsky RX/TX
  • 12s BMS with waterproof charge port and charger
  • MBS Metal Matrix II full metal trucks
  • MBS Rockstar II wheels (balanced)
  • Tires and tubes
  • Lacroix motor mounts
  • Torqueboards 6380 170KV motors
  • 72 tooth pulleys
  • 18 tooth motor pulleys installed, plus 4 extra 16 tooth motor pulleys
  • DavegaX on the latest firmware available
  • 4 spare belts
  • 4 spare MBS Matrix II bushings
  • 2 full sets of MBS shock blocks (Orange & Yellow)
  • 1 spare drive key
  • Spare plastic washers, screws, and deck inserts
  • about 50 spare grip tape hexagons
  • spare 6380 170kv motor and can
  • spare inner tube

I’ve had zero issues with this board and have really enjoyed the summer I rode it. However the following summer I decided to build a mountain bike and this hasn’t really seen use since so I would like to sell. This board has tons of torque on tap, but it is very controllable. As you can see from the photos of the lifetime stats on the DavegaX I have gone as fast as 42MPH on this board and it still had some legs left, but I didn’t feel comfortable going beyond that. This board really is a monster when it comes to speed and get up and go. I don’t believe I have ever seen another “Autobiography” Prototipo deck anywhere. The deck was purchased direct from Alex @ Lacroix.

I am located in Duluth, Minnesota and willing to meet a buyer as far away as Minneapolis. I’m not sure how much it would cost to ship, but I am certainly willing to do so. We can work out those details should you be interested and not close enough for a face to face transaction.

Price: SOLD

To be clear, I will ship if necessary.

Considering the quality of components used, the low miles, and all of the spares that are included I believe this is a fair price. If I’m on the high side, lets talk and figure it out- this board deserves to be out on pavement again instead of hanging in my office.

Some history of the board:

Purchased parts and completed assembly August 2019, rode it for a couple months before the snow flew. Board has always been stored in my basement which is usually 63 degrees or so. I always tried to keep the batteries around 40% of capacity during storage. I rode it through the summer of 2020 starting around May. I always brought the board in when I wasn’t riding it. It again went into storage through the winter starting around September. Again, still in my basement, and again with the cells around 40% of capacity. Spring of 2021 I built a mountain bike and I didn’t ride the board at all. I was still careful to check the battery level on a regular basis, again aiming for about 40% charge.

That’s not to say it was a perfect 40% all the time, but it was certainly not permitted to fully discharge or sit fully charged. I did everything I could to keep the pack in good shape, and I believe I have succeeded in that.

Aside from having some issues with a motor can on one of the motors (which was warrantied), it has never been rebuilt. When I had the motor can issue (one of the bolts that secured the motor shaft had an issue) I bought a spare motor just in case it happened again. I am rather anal retentive and frequently disassembled the wheels/motors for cleaning and relube of the bearings if needed. I was quite diligent on keeping everything from belt tension to overall cleanliness at a high standard. I even cleaned the wheel spokes and blew out the motors with compressed air. That’s not me blowing smoke either, that’s just how I prefer to keep my things. If dirt/dust is permitted to stick around it just causes wear.


That’s a fooking deal - someone buy this glws


Yeah that’s a damn steal right there. I’m saddened I can’t buy it…


Nice board!
Might be worth posting up in MNPEV group on FB. Theres a good amount of local riders(mainly MPLS/ST.P).


Is it visible to everyone? I’m searching for MN PEV and striking out.


Sorry, they’ve changed the name a few time in the past years. Here ya go

If ya have issues, pm me your FB handle, think i can send invites


Ah perfect. That got me in. Thank you!


Great deal! I’d buy this but i promise myself not to get another proto. GLWS!

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ill take it. send me a DM on instagram. @esk8unity

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Any reason we can’t converse via PM here?

Possibly because he can’t send PMs yet (basic user restriction)

You can send him one though.

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Fred @esk8unity doesn’t like the forum. He’s a local buddy of mine

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yea it wont let me… this website reminds me of old… pretty weird

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Ah, I forgot about that restriction. I’ll find ya on Instagram shortly.

I will definitely have it if it can be shipped to the UK.

Bad experience here before tho with Customs confiscating a LHB 4WD Evo. . .

Lemme know eh


This is still available as of this morning.

I’m not sure how shipping to the UK would be. Customs policies is not an area that I know a ton about.

I’m certainly willing to ship it overseas but we have some homework to do first. If this is something you’d like to explore further let me know.

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@longhairedboy Can you offer any assistance with shipping completes abroad ?

Has anyone on here had a Complete board with battery shipped overseas after June 21 ?

@Lee_Wright Is there a specific courier when you ship completes ?

Any help, graciously accepted ( of course )


If its in the US then USPS is apparently the best bet


Well I’m up for sorting out Customs if you can spare a bit of time too

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in the past I’ve shipped things overseas using FedEx but I’m not sure I’d try to ship anything over seas right now.