Sold please close

Am starting to think enertion is never going to pay me. :thinking:

No point holding onto this lot then.

2 focbox vescs. Fuck it sue me.

Raptor hubs versions 1 and 3
100 (USD) a set. 2 sets left.

I also have some used Thane in various condition I’ll chuck in.

Focbox V1s. Sold with motor mount

Trampa 136kv sensored motors.
$150 for both SOLD

Loaded tesseract with evolve bamboo enclosure.
Currently has V1 raptor hubs.
Milled out a section to fit the battery.
No esc, battery or remote

$200 SOLD

Rocket Ian Freire pro model, senderfied. Fibreglass sender enclosure, hummie hubs. Tinniesinker 30Q 12s4p with bestech bms. All brand new never used. No esc or remote.
$15000 cause it’s fucking awesome and I’m keeping it!


Prefer local will post international if you really want it.

Check shipping costs yourself.
Located Brisbane Australia 4017.

All up about 15kg of motors.


How big are focboxes if they’re small enough to fit in my enclosure I’ll take em. Also the enertion mount, i’ve already got 1 would be cool to have 2.

Their focbox sized. Dimensions are probably on the site somewhere. It’s a knock off enertion mount not an actual enertion mount, but freeeeeee with any purchase

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Yeah i’ll take em. Im in Melbourne. i’ll dm.

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Received. Thanks again.


I really wish more people would close the purchase loop like this.



Close please sir.