[Sold!] [EU] TB VESC Good price!

My Torque Boards VESC is in great condition, I used it only for 3 months. No problem so far!!!


Still available?

Yes, it is. Sorry for being late eith the answer. Do you need it?

Nope sorry… Got another one meanwhile… Thanks tough

Do you still have it?

Salut je suis intéressé, expedis tu vers la France

Yes, I have it.

Salut! 22€.

22€ shipping?. I bet you are from Norway.

From Hungary.

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ah okay. Thought norway because they also have absurd shipping rates.

But 22 are just for shipping, did i get this right?

Yes, +40€ the VESC itself. The high shipping cost is not my fault btw…

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i know, some countries just have awful postage systems.

40€ is still a good price


Yes. Unfortunately…

This is sold?

Yes, today, sorry.

Ok merci