WTB battery vesc and abec clones (uk)

Shoot I have only got used ones

What about 2 used socks with some mushrooms growing out of them

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fixed for ya.

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@glyphiks I wouldn’t cheap out on the esc. Battery maybe.

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£20 for a working vesc is probably a fantasy

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I have a shitty Hobbyking ESC flying around, but I will not sell it.

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Why not a flipsky 4.12 new is £35 so someone used could be £20

This is the kind of thing I am looking for

Attach that to a 10s2p of those cheap LG cells meepo use and I have a 15mph 5 mile board

I’ve got a new 10s2p with d140 bms made from these cells.

Long range but not massive Amps.

Probably put £160 of materials into it.

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Yeah but £160 is way to high for me

I am looking more around £50 or so maybe 5ah and 10-20 amps sort of range

I’ll let it go for £100 to stop you setting yourself on fire?


I could give you one old meepo 10s2p for free if you pay shipping, but it has dead bms so you will have to be responsible with it, check with multimeter often if groups are still balanced

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This is for my little bro

He weighs like 30kg so I am just using a tiny 5065 motor single driven he doesn’t need speed or anything so I only need a tiny battery

£100 is to much for him he wants to spend around £70 on battery plus vesc

Vesc I can get for around £25 for a used flipsky one

Battery max of £50

That’s cool. Just thought I’d put this out there.
Take care and look after him! (Money for helmet first)


Maybe a good option for wheels, they are a little hard but cheap as



Yeah already told him to buy a full face and he can borrow my pads

Thanks guys

Still if anyone has a used vesc for cheap would love to hear about it

I have an fvt120 for 6s if you go that route?

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Nah @tinp123 has once again pulled through and has given me some really useful parts

Will probably just go and take a flipsky 4.12 on eBay for £35


Could be worth a look to see if he’ll do a deal?

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So got all the parts thanks everyone

If anyone has a meepo battery then please contact me still as I would love to connect them in parallel

Thanks guys

We all love happy endings