[SOLD] DIY Hummie Complete Build

Selling a fully loaded hummie build that was recently built with only 31 miles on it so it’s brand new.

For some background for those who saw my previous listing, I was originally planning on keeping this and parting this out but after planning on my next DIY project I found I will not be using any of the parts below as I plan on building a DD PU setup with a new deck, and hence am selling the complete board Mods : If I need to edit my previous listing rather than create this new post let me know.

Board has no issues 10s5p 30q battery 30mph+ speed, close to 30 mile range

I’m looking for $1500 + shipping or best offer.

Part List

  • Hummie Deck ( single cutout )
  • Focbox Unity
  • 10s5p 30q battery professionally built by thisguyhere
  • FeatherRemote w/ advanced light control board ( currently has brake lights , headlights can be added and controlled via remote )
  • DaveGa - speedometer, odometer, trip counter, etc
  • TorqueBoards 6374 190kv motors
  • Surfrodz - Psychotiller TKP trucks w/ Psychotiller motor mounts
  • Psychotiller enclosure
  • 200mm MBS wheels on Evolve hubs
  • 175mm tires with tubes , still have tread
  • Battery gauge on the enclosure
  • 4 amp fast charger ( Evolve )

IMG_0231 IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0236 IMG_0237


This is going to sell fast


literally 200 more and i could afford it, this is killing me

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Super clean build good luck with the sale it should be quick. I can’t see how you wouldn’t be able to use the unity in future builds.

Start mowing yards or sell your body if you have to. This is a phenomenal deal for a complete.


well i mean i have an extra liver? u interested?

Luckily not a huge drinker. I prefer greener fields. Thanks for the offer though! Good luck with sale.


You’re right on the unity, but at this point my builds in the future so I’d rather just have the complete package for anyone who wants a complete build :slight_smile:

What deck are you looking to use for your next build? :upside_down_face:

Looking at a Haya once the defects are resolved :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade (except in terms of looks of course), but power to ya! :slight_smile:

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SOLD /10char